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Reviews of Silver by Al Rehab

There are 27 reviews of Silver by Al Rehab.

When you speak of affordable fragrances one of the first fragrance house that comes to mind is Al-Rehab.Silver is a cheap alternative to Creed SMW. it is all about freshness and how crisp and clean SMW is.Silver in comparision comes across mustly and stale.has a nice not freshness,more like a cold vibe.perfect for spring and summer casual activities.

The notes really compliment each other and creates a pleasant slightly has a beautiful metallic cold water note that comes across brisk and almost chilling. definitely unisex.on clothes this has a more sweeter smell and smell more cold,mentholated and fresher. some girls like it a lot,but is not a compliment monster.performance is good on my skin.
Jun 2, 2021

Al Rehab Silver is fairly similar to Silver Mountain Water ("SMW"). I have the spray bottle. Excellent performance, very strong and long-lasting (more so than SMW). More simple/less complex than SMW. Reproduces the fresh side and, somewhat, the musky side of SMW. Seems less peppery (for me, that's a good thing, since SMW is too peppery for my taste) and less syrupy (that's where the Al Rehab falls short of SMW the most noticeably). I'm impressed.
Mar 14, 2021

well, this scent does have the smw vibe no doubt.silver captures that smw opening and holds on to it till it disappears. the funny thing is, when you start to weigh in on the comments.what stands out to me is that it do resemble smw but what keeps me from adding this to my roster is the comments about it only last about an hr...for me, silver last about an hour,lol. now i purchased this to have around me to spray in the car and etc because it truly is a wonderful scent.
Mar 30, 2019

Not a bad SMW clone for those on a budget. Although there is something rather metallic about this! I mean seriously metallic. Like wet metal.
Nov 3, 2018

This is apparently a $5 clone of Creed's Silver Mountain Water (which goes for $300). I have smelled Silver Mountain Water, and al-Rehab's Silver comes very close (Azzaro Chrome does as well somewhat). Silver starts off with a synthetic metallic citrus note which smells fresh but also "futuristic", and dries down into a more natural blackcurrent accord with a tea note, as well as water and some sort of green note as well as white musk. The entire thing is incredibly synthetic (but in a good way) and has an overtly metallic opening, but the drydown is softer and more natural smelling. I think it's one of the best offerings from al-Rehab, and does give me a sort of alpine mountainous feel, but in an abstract way and with a blackcurrent tea note. The opening with its metallic character also sort of reminds me of Azzaro's Chrome. Sillage is moderate (though leaning weak) and longevity is actually pretty strong. Projection is moderate while longevity is very good. Overall very nice "cold" and fresh scent, that gives you the feel of a very expensive fragrance (Silver Mountain Water) for an incredibly inexpensive price.

May 3, 2018

Very piercing and metallic. A definite blackcurrant note. Hugely artificial, but fresh in an unusual way. An odd confection to be sure, and not really up my street.
Apr 9, 2018

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