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    • incense, wood resin, amber, jasmine, iris, violet, cedarwood

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On me, this is primarily hamster-cage cedar shavings. There's a bit of sawdust underneath and the cedar seems to be sweetened somehow. There's also a subtle hint of urine that makes the cedar smell like a pet store.

A couple of hours in, the creaminess of frankincense comes in under the cedar, eventually joined by ambrox in the base.

To be honest, I don't see what folks like so much about Silver Factory. I don't really get the flowers or iris or anything of exceptional depth. Maybe it's just that I don't like pet store/hamster cage cedar and it's ruining everything for me, but whatever's happening, I can't go higher than a neutral for this...

23rd June 2022
I agree with other reviewers that this is one of B9's best fragrances...i love incense and this was a great addition to my wardrobe...plenty of incense flavored with woody resins, amber and flowers...what also adds to the effect of being at a party in some industrial space is a boozy feel i far as any metallic effect, i get a sharp and piercing feel that made me think of a sharp knife slicing the unusual and groovy incense fragrance...highly recommended...
25th February 2019

One of the better Bn9 fragrances. Incense and floral. A nice combination. Too bad they charge so much for it, changed the bottle, and have horrible customer service. I might have bought a bottle.
12th June 2017
Andy Warhol bottle.

A scent that really embodies the whole persona of Andy Warhol. I can almost imagine being in the Silver Factory with this on. I just imagine the smoky incense filled atmosphere of the Silver Factory through this fragrance. I actually like many others had to acquire the taste for this one, and it is the very one that got me into the world of Bond no. 9. Great fragrance.
25th April 2017
“It... could... work!” – that's what Silver Factory by Bond n.9 is for incense (and for the brand itself). Finally – finally! – a non-boring, non-flat, no-nonsense incense fragrance, unexpectedly coming from one of the most boring and nonsense niche brands there are today. One of the most improbable and surprising “what-were-the-odds” coincidences I've ever witnessed. But well, it's here. Silver Factory is very good. It's a deeply creative take on the incense theme, and somehow it does have a “pop” soul as the name suggests.

First, they finally gave some thickness and substance to incense, instead of diluting & stirring Givaudan's Mystikal incense compound and selling it as-is; it smells solid, vibrant, alive. The substance is made of an array of nuances which are this close to smelling messy, and instead smell just beautifully kaleidoscopic: there's amber, there's a bold metallic vein with a smudged pink shade of iris, there's some odd smell of ashy rubber, even something resembling to a dusty old drop of musky castoreum popped out of a vintage chypre, and a distinguished, slightly urinous touch of lavender and violet. Just as you would assume with something named after Andy Warhol, it's old and new, naif and dirty, cold and oily, dark and colourful mixed altogether. And obviously, completely unisex. If I had to sum this up I'd consider Silver Factory a pinkish ambery-lavendery-candied-metallic incense, but that would make little justice to the funny, cheerful, complex texture of this fragrance. It's at once elegant and juvenile, funny yet troubled, hippie and hipster, but perfectly easy to wear and like.

I agree with what many others said – if Bond ever made something nice, it's probably this. Don't get me wrong though, I'm not suggesting you to get it: the price is completely mad and this is surely not worthy that money. But if you get the chance of some deals, then surely grab a bottle!

5th March 2016
I'm an amber fan, so this fragrance can't do any harm. Smells like quite a few amber fragrances I've smelled in the past (not a bad thing). Amber Absolute, Ambre Premier, yada yada yada. Great fragrance nonetheless. A slight swanky note gives this some muscle. Will be purchasing a bottle soon.
11th December 2015
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