Silver Black / Onyx 
Azzaro (2005)

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Silver Black / Onyx by Azzaro

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Reviews of Silver Black / Onyx by Azzaro

There are 64 reviews of Silver Black / Onyx by Azzaro.

I don't like it. The opening is nice, fresh and spicy, but the evolution leads (for my nose, at least) to a metallic, seashore, almost salty scent. Not nice on me.

This is a good, affordable Cologne. A nice citrusy oriental done in Azzaro style, with a winning combination of notes.
Nothing revolutionary, but a very nice spring and summer scent at an affordable price.

The opening is mildly sweet and fruity, like a bowl of fruity cereal. The drydown has a green, soapy freshness to it that might have a small callback to the original Azzaro ph. Later, the drydown is a decent, powdery woods scent.

Seems best for casual, daytime-office wear and maybe all weather except high heat.

I'm surprised some reviewers got big performance out of Silver Black. Each time I've worn it, it comes off as a subtle, quiet scent with decent lasting power. It could be good for close encounters with that kind of performance and seems to have some sexiness to it.

The opening is one of those many fresh bergamot-cum-citrus mixes, but the added apple is a bit extra; the aroma of slicing a green apple....

The drydown adds a nonspecific fruity undertone - young white peach cones to mind - with touches of cardamom and a - quite perfunctory - coriander that is hardly present except in tiny whiffs on me.

The base changes into a mix of a nonspecific woodsiness combines with white musks.

I get moderate sillage, good projection and eight hours of longevity on my skin.

A not unpleasant scent for cooler summer days, more on the bright side but marred by an overly synthetic and generic character. 2.75/5

Silver Black Onyx - Azarro
Sharp anisic-lavender packaged in a wool-like softness. Dark bitter tones with a puff of smoke and slightly urinic-animalic undertones. Strong. Green-herbal. Hot-peppery metallic. Coumarine x 10. Fresh-sweat soapyness. Colour: gun-metal. Freshness sharp as glass. Mossy. Terpenic pine needles. Cederwood-musky powdery. Little refinement. Blasting at high volume. Quickly bores. Cheap. Verdict: atomic stinkbomb.

This is a super powdery juice especially in the dry down. Just not a huge fan of the powder aspect of the juice although I do enjoy the opening a good bit. It has super longevity and projection. No more than 2 or 3 sprays will do for several hours (8 plus). A try before you buy of course unless you are into powdery fragrances.

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