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Strangelove NYC (2016)

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There are 3 reviews of silence the sea by Strangelove NYC.

Silence The Sea, which is, oh Jesus, referred to as silencethesea on most sites, so let's go with that, is an ambergris-based scent. I wish I'd been able to test this before writing my 2016 article on ambergris for Basenotes, because it would have immediately joined the ranks of the ambergris perfumes “to try before you die” I'd appended to it.

Although there are other notes or materials, to my nose, this smells as close to a pure ambergris tincture as it's possible to get in niche perfumery. Ambergris can smell very differently from piece to piece, grade to grade, etc., but the ambergris in silencethesea smells like a deserted beach in winter. Specifically, it has a dry, oceanic smell, like the smell of stones and rocks left to dry in the sun after the tide has gone out. Dry salt, minerals, a general greyness, and the stony loneliness of inanimate objects on a beach with no people around to witness it.

Silencethesea smells completely organic to me, elemental, and a bit wild. It has the type of aroma that one finds utterly normal in nature but does not expect to find in a personal perfume, and thus, it feels shocking. It is raw and slightly intimate. There is no warmth to the aroma, apart from the vague funkiness inherent to ambergris that reminds us that this is a substance that originated in the intestine of an animal. Wearing it is like wearing no perfume at all, because it smells more like the cold air in one's skin and hair after a long, solitary walk on a windswept beach than a perfume. This is not a perfume for community or cuddling or clubbing. It is for the pleasures of solitude.
Jun 24, 2020

Aquaman (the Jason Momoa version) is swimming back to his Atlantis apartment, but on his way gets distracted by some noises he hears from a century-old shipwreck. He goes down to explore, and after poking through the rotting, murky maze, it turns out some young Atlanteans have opened an exclusive speakeasy in one of the inner rooms. It's decked decked out with a fireplace and couches, and he settles in for a glass of fine ambergris-infused cognac, all the while flirting with the mermaid waitress. Being Aquaman, she can't resist his charms, and eventually he throws everyone else out of the room (you can do that when you're Aquaman) and the two go at it hot and heavy by the fire (which seems slightly dangerous for a mermaid, but whatever)

As they bask in the afterglow, Christophe Laudamiel shows up and scrapes the hot sex sweat off Aquaman and preserves it in a bottle, which he then mixes with alcohol and sells for $350 a pop.

You get a sample, and try it on. On you, a man, it's dank and intensely sexy. You get lost in the aroma, and remember that time a decade ago you had sex on the beach (literal, not the cocktail) with a girl you met at a bar in Barbados. You get lost in reverie for a bit. For a moment, you feel as manly as Aquaman after a bar fight.

Until your girlfriend sits down next to you on the couch, sniffs, and tells you take a shower because you reek of armpit stank. Then you realize that even Jason Momoa's armpit stank still smells like armpit stank.

The sea goes silent.
Oct 25, 2019

What is this? aquatic oud ? ...oud chips floating in algae and seaweed...super strong metalic bilgy effect that i'm finding to be rather unpleasant...a barnyard sunk in some murky seems like the truffle note adds insult to injury by coming across more like a moldy mushroom...i'm not a scrubber...i'll take the punishment and ride out a bad sample to the bitter end, but this came awfull close to making me want to throw in the towel and scrub it it dries down it just made me think that this is how toxic waste must smell...i usually give all fragrances some respect and give them at least a neutral...this, i believe , is the first fragrance I felt obligated to give a thumbs down...
May 29, 2018

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