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Sikkim Girls by Gorilla Perfume [Lush]

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Sikkim Girls is a shared scent launched in 2012 by Lush

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There are 5 reviews of Sikkim Girls by Gorilla Perfume [Lush].

Well well well! This is quite an amusing little indolic blast in a bottle! Sikkim Girls by Gorilla Perfumes [Lush] (2012) is another example of the classic Lush style of simple, rough-hewn "hippy chic" artisanal style with equal parts counter-culture cred and commercial accessibility. Granted, the 100ml sizes from this house enter the niche realm, but the parfum/extrait concentration used for most makes the 30ml more than adequate. In this case, the lovely tongue-in-cheek wordplay of "Sikkim Girls" translates perfectly to the attitude of the fragrance, which represents a floriental style pared down from the usual "kitchen sink" note pyramids of the classic French examples, focusing on what makes the genre so good. Still, Sikkim Girls clocks in with eight listed notes so I guess this one really isn't too much of a fundamentalist wonder after all.

Frangipani and a very indolic jasmine open Sikkim Girls, with a breath of sexy skin smell coming in soon behind as tuberose slips in through the back door. For those familiar with frangipani, it used to be the name of a synthetic single-note perfume created by a man of the same name in Italy, to resemble plumeria. Real plumeria smells altogether dissimilar, but folks do refer to the muskier forms of the flower as "frangipani" regardless. Sikkim Girls is as close to a women's Kouros by Yves Saint Laurent (1981) as it gets in that regard, but doesn't have the sharp fougère elements. The heart of tuberose mixes with some clove and a bit of geranium to pull this into a musky unisex direction as the base of coumarin, sandalwood, and vanilla finish things off. If you love frangipani and all things indolic, this is for you. Wear time is stellar as usual, and sillage adequate. I find Sikkim Girls best for the evening or colder months, but what you do is up to you. My only complaint if any would be that this accord is rather linear with little change after 30 minutes, but what it settles into is perfectly seductive.

People who liked the raunch of Lust by Gorilla Perfumes [Lush] (2010) but not the utter simplicity, can look to Sikkim Girls as the answer, and the stuff has this really naughty vibe without the outright skank of an animalic note such as civet or hyraceum. Who said you can't conjure up an animalic virility with only vegetal ingredients? Lush certainly made sure that argument holds no water. In any case, there really isn't much else to tell with Sikkim Girls other than it's source inspiration involving a musician being seduced by a pair of them in Darjeeling, as this is a rather simple perfume outside of the marketing. Lush will always be frowned upon by tastemakers for being the "L'Occitane of artisanal of perfume" since the Constantines craft these by hand with no formal training but then semi-mass produce them for their organic cosmetics chain, but for those without a monocle and top hat shoved up their arse, these are just sheer fun in a bottle. Get on down to a Lush and test you some! Thumbs up!

Nuclear jasmine.
A floral revolution.
Skybilly charm school.

I love this one. I own the spray version. It doesn't evolve much but the smells are gorgeous. I get a lot of jasmine and frangipani. And a spicy-woody base, very much a Lush signature. What's not to love? Very unisex, with a good sillage and great longevity!

Lush perfume sprays are no longer available where I live, just the solid perfumes, so my experience with Sikkim Girls is only with the solid, which I'm guessing is a bit quieter than the spray as an experience.

As a longtime Lushie, it smells very identifiably Lush to me. I haven't seen patch listed as a note, but I can smell the familiar rootbeer-y patch from Karma as well as the super indolic jasmine from Flying Fox/Lust. Initially it's white floral-sweet and soapy on my skin, but about an hour in it's less soap and more dusty floral headshop incense, which I say as a compliment.

Today I had success layering a little of the Sikkim Girls solid with Goutal's Gardenia Passion EDT, for the tuberose notes in both share an earthy, bittersweet quality.

Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr! This opens with a pretty jasmine & tuberose accord familiar from many other white florals l've tried, but then... as it warms on the skin, it becomes ferociously animalic & dirty, thanks to a huge dose of indole from the frangipani. This is a real old-school floriental with a naughty side, in an eighties powerhouse style, with projection to match! From here it very slowly calms down, & sweetens slightly around four hours in, still just there after six hours. l am mightily impressed with the audacity of this one. For a high street store to be selling something this far removed from the current mainstream takes a lot of confidence, & a heck of a load of cheek. l love them for it! P.S. l'm sampling Good Girl Gone Bad by By Kilian today, & l can't help thinking; "Sikkim Girls is what Good Girl.. should have smelled like".

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