The company say:

Signorina Misteriosa is the celebration of a chic girls’ mysterious side. A daring fragrance that frees the secrets of a young woman who dictates the rules of her life. Unpredictability is her emblem, her mystery is her essence

Signorina Misteriosa fragrance notes

  • Head

    • Wild Blackberry, Neroli
  • Heart

    • Orange Blossom, Tuberose
  • Base

    • Black Vanilla Mousse accord, Patchouli

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Wow, super super sweet, cloyingly so on me. I was really excited about the blackberry but I don't get it at all, just a overly sweet milky gourmand with Big White Floral elements. My husband hates it. I pretty much smell cotton candy. For people who love this kind of thing the good news is that it lasts forever. I couldn't scrub it off and OH, I tried.
24th December 2022
It smells nice but not a particularly energizing or interesting scent. Pleasant. More of an evening scent to me, find it relaxing and calming-- albeit a bit boring. Nothing particular stands out. A warm, sort of sweet, slightly powdery floral that to me smells indistinct and nothing as interesting or "mysterious" as the name would suggest. Kind of like Lady Gaga Fame but a little bit better. I wear it when I don't know or care what to wear. Feels feminine, calming, evening-ish, and a little bit dressy or going-out-ish to me. I think a little more woods or spice would make it more interesting. It needs more body to live up to its name in my opinion. Cute bottle, though!
25th April 2020

A lovely delicious fragrance full of mystery and energy. This is for sure a more grown up scent than the original. An addictive gourmand with notes of black berry for shot of adrenaline, with florals to instantly seduce and vanilla and milk mouse for sweetness and sensuality. I love the combination it gets creamier still with the vanilla, cream and yummy black berries.Fruity, milky, flirtatious, modern, sensuous, yummy, charming, wearable but nothing special.

It opens with lots of black berries, blended with sensuous tuberose and orange blossom in the heart before succumbing to a striking base of vanilla and milk mouse for a modern, feminine fragrance represing freedom and energy. The dry downs very milky and creamy. Perfect for could weather when you crave cookies, milk chocolate and coffe. Suitable for long nights out, dinner dates. Totally a fun addictive for your collection.
8th April 2016