Signature pour Femme 
S.T. Dupont (2000)

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Signature pour Femme by S.T. Dupont

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Signature pour Femme is a women's perfume launched in 2000 by S.T. Dupont

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Reviews of Signature pour Femme by S.T. Dupont

There are 10 reviews of Signature pour Femme by S.T. Dupont.

Signature pour Femme is a very humble smelling fragrance, but you can not help but notice it. It is the kind of Beauty that is not acquired, but the kind that was given to you as a gift from God. It is the smell of the eternal feminine, the "ideal" lady, depicted in paintings and sculptures throughout the old centuries.

Actually I see this particular scent more like a whole, not a composition of elements but I do detect rose and tulip. I'm surprised there isn't cashmere wood because I sniff something like that... Maybe rosewood with sandalwood makes a similar combination?

In Signature, however, the sandalwood molds in with the amber, vanilla and rosewood, and creates almost a gentle sweet patchouli smell. I know that there are some of you that might hate patchouli, but if you get what I mean, you'll see that this is an entirely different entity. It is not radical, ground-breaking or exceptional, per se. But it is notible for its expertly blended slice of beauty. Noble, humble, strong, peaceful, beautiful; a soul that shines as bright as day-True Love, True Beauty.

A sweet, floral-fruity perfume. Very feminine. Peach, tulip, tangerine, magnolia, violet, nutmeg, magnolia, rose, and iris all stand out for me. This pile of ingredients all appear upon the first application. They stay for quite awhile. After a few hours I detect some sandalwood, vetiver, and rosewood. I get about four hours of wear, before I need to apply again. Overall it is a nice perfume. Not outstanding enough for a full bottle.

Light, fruity floral of no distinction. Lasts better on clothing than on skin.

Harmless, but hardly noteworthy.

Two most loved fragrances from S.T. Dupont - its male and female Signature(s)
Femme - seductive musky tulips in amazing cloud of tangeriny-peach, I think that the rosewood underneath makes the tulips and fruits really shine in an absolutely glamorous way. Very happy fragrance and very beautiful. To me bonus is that I dont know anyone who weears it)
Almost the same with male Signature, super-class flowery-smokiness, balmy and aristocratic
, I would follow that man to the end of the world so complex, untrivial and intelligent this smell.
I wear it together sometimes - even though I treasure every bit of these juices, and then - its olfactory heaven, adore flacons, adore the fact that they exist. YET.

This extremely wearable scent in some ways it reminds me of L'Or Torrente, without the coffee note. It's creamy and warm without being too sweet. On me, it's more of an oriental floral than a straight-up floral. In cold weather the nutmeg and woody notes really pop in Signature, and that's usually when I wear it. Perhaps that's why I don't get any fruit. I've seen aldehydes listed in the topnotes on other sites, but it does not have either the soapy or powdery quality generally associated with Aldehydes, Although launched in 2000, the box, with its red flocked paper and gold lettering looks "old fashioned' in a 1950's glamour way, which makes me think they were not marketing to the celebu-scent crowd, but it does not smell dated to my nose. A very reasonable price and good longevity rounds out the appeal for me.

A floral with bit of fruitiness to it and a warm ambery base. Of the plethora of florals, the rose and other heart notes are the essence of the fragrance. The frangipani is rather sweet and clean and gives the fragrance a clear quality. This stuff is rather strong and lingers on clothing, though on dry skin it seems to disappear. Overall, not a bad fruity floral.

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