Signature for Him fragrance notes

  • Head

    • bergamot, lemon, lavender, cedarwood
  • Heart

    • nutmeg, coriander
  • Base

    • sandalwood, vetiver, musk, amber

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I quite like Signature but gave it away. My significant other said it smells of a baby's room. In the good way but still: Way. Too. Powdery.

She's right too. This is really fresh and light and powdery and a bit citrusy sweet as well. A fine fragrance if you're into this sort of thing. I wear many a scent the wife doesn't like, but decided this one wasn't really in my lane either.

Well blended and smells rich. Projection and duration just OK, which is my experience with English Laundry. If you're on the fence and can find cheap at Marshall's or something, blind buy away.
28th August 2021
Jean Paul Gaultier Le Male with British flare.

Neutral only because of the name Signature. As good as most of the rest of the line is, this one should not be the signature scent. Other than this it is a very good/better Le Male.
5th October 2015

Clean... Fresh... This fragrance is for Gentlemen...

I am fast becoming a fan of the English Laundry fragrances. I have all but Notting Hill. I had purchased Signature a few days ago and tried it for the first time today. Wow, I am pleasantly surprised. This fragrance is easy on the nose and is a "safe" fragrance for those of us who work in an office environment looking not to offend those with a more sensitive nose.

Out of the bottle, Signature is a blast of clean citrus that settles somewhat to skin level with musk and woodsy notes. It is classy type of fragrance that is meant for Gentlemen - with tailored suit and tie - but offers that flexibility that, to repeat, Gentlemen can wear with those comfortable jeans and a designer shirt. Further, it is the kind of fragrance that can be worn any time of year, either day or night, and any occasion. The only requirement - it is for Gentlemen...

I fully expect the English Laundry fragrances to increase in popularity - the "older brother", Arrogant, is taking off and the unheard of sibling, "Tahitian Waters" ranks in my Top 5. Longevity and Projection/Sillage are moderate, but given that Signature is a Eau de Parfum, perhaps exceeding moderate level. While no compliments today from the opposite sex (a.k.a. "Wow Factor"), I have complete confidence that it is only a matter of time. Trust me - you will be noticed.

In addition to the beauty of the scent, you will also admire and appreciate the classic design of the bottle and packaging. Two words - First Class..!!

For those of us who want a great fragrance, but want it fairly inexpensive ('cheap' is a 'bad word' and will not be used in any of my reviews..), the only downside of the English Laundry fragrances is that these are on the upper end of that price range for me. Yeah, I have the money to spend on a great fragrance - I am trying to save $$$ to get that convertible... You know the deal - looking good and smelling good...

My final rating for English Laundry Signature is 4.5 stars out of 5. This rating comes with a solid recommendation to add to your collection.

The Daily I.M. - "It is OK that you get lost sometimes - as long as you can always find your true self... Be happy who you are..."

10th April 2014