Signature Citrine fragrance notes

  • Head

    • Willowleaf Mandarin, Sweet Orange, redcurrant, sweet fennel, cardamom
  • Heart

    • Clementine, Pink Pepper, Fig Wood Corsican Cistus, jasmine Sambac
  • Base

    • plum, Oud, White Moss, Musk, Frankincense, Myrrh, patchouli

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Latest Reviews of Signature Citrine

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One of the most beautiful yet heartbreaking fragrances I've ever worn.

Opens with the most beautiful sparkling citrus which leans slightly floral and dries down to a light musk.

Unfortunately the opening is all too fleeting and on my skin the fragrance is all but gone in about 2-3 hours. Which is a real shame. If this had staying power I'd have bought a full bottle without hesitation.

I appreciate that Zaharoff fragrances are quite keenly priced however at the price point I'd expected more.
26th May 2023
The latest release from Zaharoff is Signature Citrine, a fittingly fresh and citric blend that has a very natural smelling, blended green and fruity citrus blend over the incense that is part of most of the line’s DNA. The standout aspect is a citrus blend of clementine and sweet orange, fostering a heterogeneous citrus aspect with a green, natural feel, very fresh but not unrealistically sweet. Other supporting notes include some vegetable and floral accords, along with white musk, woods, and, as mentioned, that very blendable incense.

I quite like it—it’s modest but realistic and highly agreeable and versatile, something that could be worn everyday or for relaxation, especially, and branches out into new territory otherwise unoccupied by the Zaharoff catalogue so far.

Signature Citrine has the roughly-standard pricing of $145 for 60ml and has EDP concentration, and is sold via the Zaharoff website, at least in the US.

7 out of 10
19th April 2022