Sicily fragrance notes

  • Head

    • Sicilian Bergamot
  • Heart

    • Jasmine, Pearl Rose
  • Base

    • Sandalwood, Heliotrope

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Latest Reviews of Sicily

Imagine of a charming romantic lady - any age - whose just let go or been let go by her lover.there are tears in her eyes that match the rain-slicked on the pavement.she walks with her eyes trained down. when she looks up, there they are:the one person who just may be perfect for her.they meet eyes and in that moment,there's a mutual feeling that i can't describe but I'm sure you can understand.that hope and romance and sadness is what Sicily is to me.

The opening is expensive aldehydes, an aspect of heavy cream and banana.the effect is decadent without being edible. the harmonious combination of flavors and light jasmine flower leaves smell of elegance and geniyility.the best part about this fragrance is the dry down, it's so dreamy and soapy.It's a perfect all year round fragrance,you just have to adjust the number of sprays to your take a shower and cuddle with your man kind of fragrance he's gonna love this.
17th October 2021
The opening has some bergamot all right, but it is not a bright, sunny and sparkling bergamot; it has a shadow cast over it.

The drydown is floral; again somber but rich; with jasmine, a deep and dark rose and touches of heliotropes; the latter try in vain to infuse a lighter note.

The base takes another direction again, with a dark musk developing that is quite convincing and at times takes on oak-mossy characteristics. Woodsy and slightly powdery undertones come and go, and towards the end the heliotropes re-appear and combining with the musky aromas, creating a glimpse of brightness and, at times, a nigh minty accompaniment.

I get moderate sillage, excellent projection and an astoundingly impressive longevity of fifteen hours on my skin.

This is Sicily in autumn, after the tourists have gone and the connoisseurs remain: rich, fragrant with ever-changing aromas and a development that is never boring. Whilst at times a tad too synthetic, it is overall very well crafted and skillfully blended. 3.25/5.
27th September 2017

This is one of those fragrances that I have mixed feelings about. I like it but I can't wear too much of it as it is a little too sweet. I bought a little sample of this a few years ago. I still have half a bottle. I use only a little bit at a time.
24th May 2014
A sweet, soapy... and grown-up fragrance.

Sicily by Dolce & Gabbana is an interesting one. It comes across as very summery and soapy, almost like the smell of creamy suntan lotion on warm skin on the beach. It has a very creamy banana note paired with jasmine and musk. I would describe it as a grown-up fragrance to wear because of the aldehyde vibe, which can come across as a little strong and formal (for boardrooms and business meetings), however I think anyone could pretty much wear it. It maybe have a kind of a strong, classic perfume vibe in my opinion but it certainly has it's place.
21st November 2013
This could be a beautiful, soft, tropical feminine fragrance, if I could only get past one accord. There is a sharp, perfumey hairspray like accord that I just cannot get past. My guess is that it is a combination of aldehydes and bergamot. But then, it could just be me.

If that one accord did not ruin this for me, I would enjoy this banana leaf, tropical floral fragrance with a lovely sandalwood and and faint powdery, musk drydown. It all worked - almost.
27th September 2011
My mother recieved this bottle for her birthday and I was very curious about what it would smell like. I really like to share my opinions with her.

Since I have never smelled a dolche & gabbana fragrance before, I was intreged but once I smelled it I was very disappointed and so was my mother!

At the beginning I gave it a chance; it wasn't that horible since I could detect some notes that were slightly intresting. It changed very quickly into a generic (?), boring soapy toilet cleaner smell.. How other people smell sofistication in this one is really not what I would agree with. It smells rather cheap. My mother has 3 euro perfumes that smell muuuch better than this one.

The box looks very classy but what is inside is just poorly made... I don't know it just doesn't smell good and I am sure there are much better perfumes for women than this one. My mother said she will give it to my grandmother, because to her it smelled like old lady perfume. Honestly I think it would stink on my grandmother too.

yes I put some on my hand and the smell almost made me feel sick!

I wouldn't recommend this at al!
25th September 2011
Sicily is a lovely fragrance, a one of a kind type scent and for the life of me I cannot understand why this has been discontinued.

My immediate reaction to this fragrance was that it reminded me of a banana flavoured milkshake. The scent is soft, feminine, sweet and somewhat powdery.

Sicily is flowery, but not in a predictable sense. The honeysuckle, banana and frangipani notes gives this fragrance an exotic feel which is undeniably attractive. I honestly have never smelt anything like this before.

I enjoyed every aspect of this scent. From the tropical and fruity opening, to the delicate floral blend and nutty undertones in the heart, to the musky yet soapy drydown, all parts were breath-taking. Another added bonus is the fantastic lasting strength.

Along with the signature D&G for women fragrance, this is my favourite offering from Dolce & Gabbana.

15th June 2011
Sicily was a blind buy that ended with my first ever swap!
Does D&G Sicily smell like Sicilia? I don't think so, though I've never been there.
Smells like powdery banana soap, with a mass of aldehydic waxy warmth on top. One time I wore this and enjoyed it at the very end, but every time I have applied this I have wanted to scrub this off, interesting as it is. Perhaps an acquired taste for some, but if you aren't expecting powdery banana soap, it could be terrifying. Not bad, but not for everyone, definitely not for me.
21st March 2011
Elegant, classy, simple and transparent, with some what of humidity.
Projection is fairly descent, silage as well, other aspect interesting about Sicily is its versatility, it suits pretty much all age ranges.
Scent is elegant but not Porsche, I will describe it as casual chic,kind off "Joker's scent" in your wardrobe.
Ps: Bottle is classy and elegant.
10th February 2011
Well put miss mills, let me second that! A beautiful fragrance, sadly discontinued.
27th December 2010
Beautiful. Unique, humid, languorous, citric and heady all at the same time. One you don't smell on every Tom, Dick and Harry - I adore it.
2nd August 2010
Sicily is classy!!A luxurious fragrance for luxurious moments. I'm in love with Sicily's banana notes!!!The most exquisite ripe banana(dominant note)combined with soft and beautiful flowers.Sicily is as intense as D&G EDT. This is a perfume for those who don't want to pass unnoticed, spite of that, this is not an overwhelming scent.I have Italian blood in my veins and i will allways love Sicily.
20th May 2010