Sicilian Wood 
Tom Daxon (2013)

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Reviews of Sicilian Wood by Tom Daxon

This is a much better version of the already very nice Hermes tres fraiche. I don't like citrus but this manifests itself not as overt citrus but as freshness tinged with citrus , a touch of rind and cedar beefing it up and then delivers itself with perfect zero gravity ie effortlessly through your olfactory passages to your sense organs of pleasure so its an experience of enlightenment rather than one of ingredients.
After two hours its gone, in fact majorly on the way out after 1 hour. My favourite aftershave Fine Accoutrements Fine Fresh Vetiver lasts half as long at a fraction of the price and in fact possibly my future new favourite Stirling's superb Varen lasts longer as aftershave and several hours as an EDT. Highly recommend a full bottle. Hermes Tres Fraiche like Sicilian Wood is woefully short lived.
And therefore not FBW.

Fragrance: 8/10 its stunning.
Projection: 7/10
Longevity: 5.5/10
Jan 22, 2020

I really don't need anymore fragrances in my collection. I am currently selling off a lot of my collection. Some kind Sir then decides to send me a sample of Tom Daxon Sicilian Wood. Not good for me!! The reason?? It's too damn good to ignore and I am now contemplating buying a bottle.

This is a citrus version of Fahrenheit. Yes......You heard that right. I defy anyone to disagree. You have a beautiful lemon/orange/citrus opening. I mean really nice. Very natural. Dries down to a smooth woody base. But running through the heart of things is the Fahrenheit DNA. Not sure if it's the petrol note or the leather note used in Fahrenheit but as someone who has owned over 10 bottles of the stuff over various reformulations I know for sure that it's there. And it resembles the vintage not the newer version. REALLY REALLY nice!!

UPDATE: Luckily for me it doesn't last more than a couple of hours so I won't have to part with my hard earned cash. But while it lasts it is really beautiful.
Jun 18, 2018

Not a wholly successful range imo and to me Sicilian Wood was the standout fragrance by a fair way. Gorgeous citric top notes and a wispy gentle floral seem to last right through to the drydown where a lovely cedar note appears. The longevity is outstanding for this sort of fragrance -- they are all edp's btw. Fresh, exhilirating and perfect for Spring and Summer.
Apr 8, 2013

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