Showtime fragrance notes

  • Head

    • wild strawberry, loganberry, blackcurrant
  • Heart

    • roses, blue freesia, lilacs, tiare flowers
  • Base

    • rosewood, white musk, praline-vanilla accord

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I favor a bunch of scents but this one is my most favored one! Maybe because I love to smell like what I love to eat - CANDY SUGAR OVERLOAD. If you don't want to smell like a walking diabetes time bomb, don't buy this. Its cheap and its fantastic. Im on my second bottle! I wore this a lot while I first started seeing my boyfriend two years ago and 'showtime' is attached to some great memories of when we first started out. It smells like sugar and rose and strawberries - which are the strongest notes in the perfume. This doesn't appeal to many people but I for one love the sugary perfumes. I dislike vanilla notes and this one has little to none except for when it dies down. I don't like the scent it dies down to. It smells weak and dead but I still love it anyway and keep spraying it as if its water. It makes me happy. I cant seem to find it in stores so I had to find me 2nd bottle online.
29th February 2012
Showtime smells like strawberry flavoured lollipops, vanilla icecream and copious amounts of sugar, making it the most sugary sweet fragrance I have ever smelt.

Just when I thought nothing could be sweeter than Fantasy by Britney Spears, along comes Showtime. This is definitely not going to appeal to everyone. This fragrance requires certain tastes in perfume to be loved. Lovers of gourmands or sweet fruity florals will absolutely adore this.

In my opinion, it is a little too sweet and young for my tastes, however it would be an instant fave amongst young teen girls. It has just enough sweetness and girlishness to compliment their youth and vitality.

26th April 2011

I actually laughed when I smelled this, I didn't belive it possible that a fragrance could smell SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO sweet! This really needs to come with a toothbrush. It's actually rather pleasent in a shower gel kinda way but my goodness, this is SWEET to the extreme!!! Like nothing I have ever smelled before! Screams strawberries with a touch of anise. Does settle down and the syrup does wear off a bit.
15th August 2010
fruit, sugar, fruit, sugar, fruit, sugar..........the perfume is ok if thats what you like in a perfume, does nothing for me
27th March 2010
Opens like a jar of home made strawberry jam.Develops into cooked strawberry jam.Dries to strawberry jam muffins.I like all of these stages, but I don't know if I would like to smell of them. I found the scent too linear and too sweet. On the other hand, if you want a scent that will stay reliably "strawberry" all the way through without much development, this one might be perfect. Sample on your skin if you are a fan of very sweet gourmand fragrances. For this type of perfume, Pleasures Delight by Lauder might be a more interesting alternative.
8th July 2008
My husband bought me this because, and only because I'm a Kylie fan. A very blind buy. First time out it didn't really grab me, but a few wears on and I'm rather liking it. Yes it is one of a gazillion celebrity fruity florals, but it's not bad. In fact it's rather nice. It is very sweet, certainly to start with, and if you'll be spending time closely with other people one squirt is quite enough. Yet it doesn't smell as childlike as some others seem to ( e.g. JLo Live, though I do enjoy it), but is still quite a cheery summery scent.
26th April 2008