Shooting Stars : Uden fragrance notes

  • Head

    • grapefruit, lemon, lavender
  • Heart

    • rum, coffee
  • Base

    • sandalwood, guaiac wood, vanilla, musk

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This one was just an overly sweet, synthetic cloud of noise to my nose. Too loud and cloying for my tastes, and the composition just comes across as basic, overpriced niche.
9th June 2022
Scrubber alert for this vile, headache-inducing synthetic garbage. A sweet aquatic vanilla straight from the $ 5.99 drugstore shelf. The fake boozy-fruit and coffee notes just make things worse. Aimed at nouveau riche folks with pedestrian tastes, like the whole brand apparently.
6th June 2022

I don't get it. I smell citrus fruit and cucumber, with a bit of spiciness behind. Good, but like many other masculine “blue” fragrances.
10th June 2020
Another bomb from the fantastic brand that is Xerjoff. One of the most perfect scent I've ever smelled in my whole life. And trust me, I've smelled a lot of niche fragrances. The drydown is simply heavenly, everyone wants to know what I'm wearing, people go absolutely nuts about this stuff. Compliments left and right all day everyday. Just get it guys, it's a gem. It's a crowd pleaser for sure, it is so perfectly blended, the rum, the coffee, the ambergris and the creamy citruses. Flippin amazing. Words cannot do justice to this exquisite concoction so I'll just leave it at that. 10/10
2nd May 2020
Truly wonderful fragrance that manages to use very distinctive notes of rum, rose, vanilla and sandalwood and blend them perfectly -- after a surprisingly fresh start.

The protracted top to bottom changes are the sign of an exceptional fragrance and, for me, is the fundamental difference between a niche House like Xerjoff and the majority of designer 'cash cows'.
1st October 2018
Starts off complex with a lot going on; fresh, flowery, green, sweet, woody, boozy and a mild coffee aroma. They all work very well together and it's the most interesting part. Because within a couple of hours, it all goes simpler, many notes disappear, it becomes quite sweet and with an emphasis on vanilla. The direction is now gone to a soft and sweet, almost to the point of classifying it a gourmand boozy/vanilla/sandalwood/musk which is nice smelling, but not that expensive or rich as the beginning. In fact, it goes from something unique to something common, widely felt with that vanilla based drydown.
18th May 2018
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