Shooting Stars : Red Hoba 
Xerjoff (2014)

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Reviews of Shooting Stars : Red Hoba by Xerjoff

There are 3 reviews of Shooting Stars : Red Hoba by Xerjoff.

Red Hoba starts as the scent of gluttony: thick, fudgy caramel and vanilla, coffee grounds and syrup, lots and lots of it, and, oh yes, tutti-frutti bubblegum. Bring on the sugar-coma. And then it takes a turn, to let in wintry spices, smoky incense, earthy patchouli, but so transformed by their meeting with the rich foody swamp that the result is quite unpredictable and unfamiliar. Eventually, it settles into a huge, fruity (and slightly sweaty) iris cream.
For some reason, while trying out Red Hoba, I kept thinking of Lady Gaga’s meat dress – chunky, clunky, chewy.
Oct 17, 2021

Hot buttered woody caramel corn...herby and slightly smoky with a little bit of all kinds of , resins and wood all mixing it up and floating around each other...hovering on the border of getting too sweet , but doesn't quite cross the line...a nice warm rich cinammon note weaves it's way around the rest of the cast...nice overall spicy smelling this...a very enjoyable olfactory experience...orris makes a strong entrance and brings with it just a touch of it settles down it turns mostly woody with different flavor nuances...very interesting and nicely done...
Apr 3, 2019

I should hate this one on principle yet I don't. It's like a buffet of everything I dislike in perfume, yet it's weirdly appealing.

It opens with a horrifyingly strong caramel note infused with iris. Mercifully, the overbearing caramel drops away within minutes and what remains is a lipstick note merged with a dough-like effect. And then, somehow, the whole thing shifts floral. The floral is a heady, composite jasmine which, when combined with a spicy cinnamon accord, creates a shimmer effect. In fact, all of the components seem to shimmer in and out of view as your mind races from one aspect to the next. This is a perfume that should not work in any capacity, yet it's a success. It's wildly unique and what makes it tick is the velvety red/pink hue of the lipstick that latches onto the floral accord, creating a sophisticated, semi-vintage make-up kind of feel over a mildly foody foundation.

This should not be as likable as it is. It's confounding and weird, but highly impressive for a line that tends to play things far too safe.
Apr 14, 2015

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