Shooting Stars : Oroville 
Xerjoff (2009)

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Reviews of Shooting Stars : Oroville by Xerjoff

There are 5 reviews of Shooting Stars : Oroville by Xerjoff.

A refined and rather gentlemanly fragrance centered around a dusty, mildly aromatic tobacco leaf paired exceedingly well with herbaceous galbanum. Supporting this stellar partnership is the soapy touch of neroli and a nuanced if indistinguishable floral accord.

I perfectly understand the reservations some
may hold for this polite fragrance but if you're a fan of Miller Harris Feuilles de Tabac, this is one you should not miss. Drydown could be better but it is common among most Xerjoffs - it seems to be the house's Achilles heel.

Some years ago I won a prize on BN - to pick one Xerjoff Shooting Star or Casamorati for free. As much as I enjoy Nio and Mefisto, Oroville was my choice. Once in a while you may fancy a blingy smoking jacket. Most times however a crisp understated navy is all you need. Oroville is a similarly astute wardrobe investment. It needs no embellishments.
Aug 13, 2017

I received Oroville as part of the Xerjoff Shooting Stars 2 Discovery set. The set included 6 fragrances: Nio, Uden, Kobe, Modoc, Dhofer and Oroville. When it arrived, to be honest, I was least excited about this one. To my surprise, this is possibly my favorite of the collection and easily the most Versatile. While the heavy hitters of the collection (namely Nio, Uden, and Kobe) are outstanding Oroville seems the underdog and often overlooked. A word I do not throw around often is Masterpiece but there is no more appropriate adjective when reviewing Oroville. One of the most versatile selections in my collection, it opens with neroli and another citrus....possibly blood orange?? This isnt citrus how you are thinking, it's not a "juicy" citrus, I mean don't get me wrong it's fresh but it has more of a dryness to it at the front with the neroli taking center stage and the tobacco drying it out. 20 minutes in is when Oroville really starts to shine. The citrus is still clearly present but the Tobacco is now the star and now it's joined by a very creamy Sandalwood/Chamomile combo with just the slightest hint of vanilla. There is something slightly floral happening too? Not flower shop or decaying flower's much more fresh than that. It's more like a walk outside through a flowery meadow in the spring as the sun is going down floral!!! As it evolves a boozyness starts to come into play. Wow is this a Beauty!!! Wear it day or night any season but it probably leans more toward evenings when it's super hot. While Oroville seems a bit formal it is also a phenomenal date night option that can easily be pulled of at the office as well. My wife loves it on me she says it "makes her linger." So well blended I truly don't understand why this one hasn't received more attention. The secret is officially out.
Jun 27, 2016

A citrus aromatic that's almost entirely devoid of character. All the usual players are present: lemon verbena, neroli, sage, but it's all sanitized and primped so that none of the bite of the standard EdC genre remains. There's just so little to say about this perfume: citrus, white florals, slightly soapy, mildly herbal. It's well done from top to bottom, but it smells like something you'd expect to find in the locker room of a private country club or something – one for the sweater-over-the-shoulders crowd. It holds up well, though, even after the top notes have vacated the scene. As pristine and sparkly as a freshly scrubbed toilet.
Mar 4, 2015

If you like ADP Essenza, you'll love this one. Very similar.
May 12, 2014

I'll probably have to resign to the fact that Xerjoff is not my favorite house (euphemistically). Most of their fragrances are like bad songs played by an incredibly skilful band. The musicians' ability is stunning but the songs don't move you.

Oroville makes no exceptions. The clary sage/tobacco made me initially think about something challenging, dirty and very masculine but all I got was a powdery vanilla/tobacco mix, leaden by an harsh white floral presence during the opening and the middle phase. In the drydown things get a little better bot nowhere close matching my taste. Too polished, to mannered, too affected.
Mar 1, 2012

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