Shooting Stars : Esquel 
Xerjoff (2009)

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Reviews of Shooting Stars : Esquel by Xerjoff

There are 2 reviews of Shooting Stars : Esquel by Xerjoff.

Starts off with a blast of bug spray which quickly evolves into a much richer, sweeter smell. Reminds me a little of Sweetie Aoud from Roja Dove, just not quite that sweet, but still something similar. The drydown is a thick, rich, spicy and maybe a little smokey-vanilla.

Decent performance with good longevity and projection.
Jan 31, 2019

To me, Esquel smells like original YSL Opium on steroids - Elegant, sweet, rich, indolent and completely gorgeous. There is more "depth" to Esquel, in my opinion. Beautiful, beautiful.
Apr 3, 2016

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