Shooting Stars : Apollonia 
Xerjoff (2019)

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"Apollonia is a homage to the space shuttle Apollo 11, through which the first moon landing took place, on July 20th 1969. This essence evokes the charm of the deep space, of a night sky illuminated by thousands of shining stars. And in its seductive scent one can perceive the yearning of man for infinity, the need to dream every time new worlds, a need that Apollonia perfectly satisfies involving all our senses in an intense imagination process."

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Reviews of Shooting Stars : Apollonia by Xerjoff

There are 3 reviews of Shooting Stars : Apollonia by Xerjoff.

Apollonia is so beautiful and different. It is fresh yet bold, floral yet aqueous, light yet strong. Gorgeous gem.
Nov 17, 2021

I can appreciate a clean white musk for what it is but Apollonia plays a tiresome Hide & Seek for the price. After five minutes it's as if I applied water excepted by the occasional breakthrough of musk. What does peek out is beautiful light musk without screaming florals or fruits (thankfully) but that's not enough for a full bottle at retail. What's the value proposition here?

Source: carded sample.
May 17, 2021

Very unique smelling fragrance. It does have a very special quality, reminiscent to the moon. It is almost like if they captured a little bit of moon dust from 1969 and put it inside the bottle.

It is a futuristic musk fragrance, soft, elegant and powdery. Very classy. Not my favorite from the house, but oh man is it good. Thumbs up!
Aug 7, 2020

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