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    • bergamot, star anise, ginger, coriander, caramel, suede, black tea, cade, tonka bean, cypress, juniper wood

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My first impression on sniffing this one is: Dettol disinfectant! lt has a mentholated, nose-clearing effect that whisks me right back to my childhood, & my mum treating the cuts on my knees after l'd fallen over. Along with this, there's a lot of smoke, a vegetal note that could be vetiver, pipe tobacco (appropriate for Mr Holmes), & an earthy, creosote-like accord which l often seem to smell in violet fragrances. The projection is among the strongest that l've experienced in this line, beginning to soften around three hours in. There isn't much development, except for a slow dissipation of the mentholated effect, & the smoke is present throughout. ln the far drydown, there are echoes of Habanita here.

This is certainly an interesting fragrance, & much more pleasant than it sounds, but l fear it leans too far to the masculine side for me. l think it might smell sensational on the right gentleman, though!

ETA: this lasted well over thirteen hours on me, & l was still getting whiffs of it when l woke during the night. l swear l detected a minty note at this point, too.
18th December 2020