Shelter Island fragrance notes

  • Head

    • citrus, black pepper
  • Heart

    • white lilies, algae extract
  • Base

    • sandalwood, amber, myrrh, musk, oud

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Shelter Island opens with zesty citrus and peppercorn, imagine squinting from the bright sun as you walk towards the shoreline. The lilies take hold gradually, carpeting the experience in green and making it feel somehow humid. A balmy ocean breeze. Further into the drydown it becomes quite woody and resinous, sharply alcoholic from the oud. Vodka martinis sipped around a sunset bonfire.

It’s a complete story, this scent. A truly beautiful one.

UPDATE: This morning, a full 13 hours after application, I woke to the faintest hint of sunscreen. It was pure magic.
14th March 2023
This one was much more floral than I anticipated, with the white lily accord taking over the composition as it develops. I was hoping for a darker and more unique marine scent, but this just wasn't it.
21st March 2022

Pepper and oud at first blast. The lily is strong, after the initial oud slap backs off. The pepper is almost lemony. I definitely smell something ocean-briney, like seaweed. Marine accord indeed, as it progresses. Saltiness. The lily fades. Sandalwood moves in. Oud returns. Add some amber. Throw musk at it. A haphazard sandcastle of fragrance. Not bad!
25th August 2018
Just when you thought aquatics were done to death, here comes Shelter Island. The Pepper and Oud (kind of synthetic oud), make the difference. There is hope for aquatics. Nicely done!
17th July 2018
I just started testing this one out.

After reading the other reviews, I feel like I'm missing the experience.

So, that's on me...

I'm not really getting Coppertone, lilies, ocean, oud...

Somebody mentioned lemon-pepper mix, and after smelling it with that in mind, I do get that...

This one reminds me a lot of Bond's Signature but just a bit more rough around the edges.

Thus far, this has eight reviews: and, they're all positive ratings.

I kind of hate to do this, but for honesty's sake, I have to go neutral on this one.

I'll spend more time with it and update here if it's warranted.
30th March 2017
A strong projecting feminine fragrance, smells of the ocean, of flowers, and Coppertone suntan lotion. Opens with lilies and the ocean. algae helps with the oceanic theme. I wish I knew the aroma chemicals Bond uses to make this, and Fire Island smell exactly like Coppertone. It's a scent that has been around for years and brings great memories of the past, wear it on your night-out to the seafood restaurant on your beach vacation. Not sure a man could wear this convincingly, the floral is awfully loud.
3rd August 2016
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