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Shazam! by 4160 Tuesdays

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Reviews of Shazam! by 4160 Tuesdays

There are 7 reviews of Shazam! by 4160 Tuesdays.

I can detect the labdanum feel others mentioned, but it’s mostly a strong wood incense on me: the other notes are pretty much nonexistent. Still, I get a lovely pressed wood-chip incense type of cedar and sandalwood out of this. Very nice, gentle, simple. Unisex completely.

4160 Tuesdays Shazam is another sweet, semi-gourmand entry from the house that is quite delightful. Mostly resinous, Shazam is dominated by labdanum, amber, vanilla, and incense, with a trio of juniper, basil, and tangerine in the opening and a heavier-handed use of patchouli, and to some extent, cocoa, in the dry down after several hours.

The key player, if there is one, is labdanum, the resin that leans smoky, smoky, and ever so slightly animalic on my skin. It leans slightly to a gourmand, but is distant enough from being a true gourmand. It's pleasant while not being as delectable as a gourmand, either.

Performance is good--the projection is not loud but it's strong on longevity and does not lose much power over its first 4-5 hours.

Shazam reminds me significantly of Benjoin 19, the Le Labo Moscow city exclusive, and against the Le Labo city exclusive pricing of $300 for 50ml, the Shazam pricing of $90 for 50ml is modest.

8 out of 10

This has a lot of development over the first hour. It starts with a nice tangerine note, turns harshly modern woody-amber and frankincense, then settles into a lighter frankincense with citrus with a touch of sweetness, becoming faint surprisingly quickly.

Frankincense is a tricky note. It eventually works well here after a harsh period, with a hint of orange chocolate emerging. I'm giving this a neutral with the qualifier that I'm not a big fan of frankincense.

An intriguing opening combining hints of mandarin, a minimally boozy juniper with a green herbal note - unusal and pleasant. The drydown is like opening a cigar box, with a pleasant and slightly spicy immediately noticeable, which then sees a competitor rising up in the shape of a very oriental frankincense - both merge deliciously.

The base continues the cedary theme, but includes a fairly soft and malleable patchouli that blends more in than standing out. Towards the end I detect a subtle chocoloate flavour with a slightly creamy aspect - a welcome change from the standard ending.

I get moderate sillage, excellent projection and nearly ten hours of longevity on my skin.

Whilst the development does not follow any classical rhyme or rule, in this case it results in an original result; together with the good quality of the ingredients this is quite interesting and well-blended. 3.25/5.

Despite seeming as though it might be overpoweringly strong, this is a gorgeous scent, and not too strong for hot days.

On me, I get a voluptuous fruity, spicy, ambery start, leading to a spicy sweetness. Later, this becomes almost gourmand, as I get a lingering cocoa and sweetness, very close to vanilla.

Very pretty, and lasts extremely well.

Beautifully packaged, with a hand-written note and eahc sample wrapped in coloured tissue paper.

Notes as listed:
Top: Juniper, tangerines, holy basil, cardamom, cocoa.
Middle: Frankincense, pink pepper, cedar.
Base: Amber, patchouli.

Shazam! opens with a sharp, acrid juniper with bitter cocoa. Behind these are frankincense and a little cedar. After 15 minutes or so, the frankincense dominates, and cardamom and pink pepper appear. This warms the scent, and removes the memory of the juniper somewhat (both a good and bad thing). After 30 minutes, the frankincense and cedar vacillate, each one alternating to the fore. The cedar smells like plasticine (always does on me) but the frankincense always returns to ameliorate this.
After an hour, the cedar wins, but patchouli and amber start to arrive. The patchouli is dry and dusty, but the slowly evolving amber (with a slight spicy hint) smooths this over and it all ends up as a nice, amber and patchouli base with a hint of frankincense.

I really like this, and was dreading a bland, vanilla base but have been pleasantly surprised. Wearable in moderation in summer, but feels better in winter. It reminds me of a mix between Heritage and Amouage Opus VI. This is a compliment. Probably leaning more towards feminine, but if you can (or like to) wear Heritage, go for it.

I would wait until my stock of Heritage dwindles and then consider this as a suitable evolutionary replacement.

Definitely worth trying. Moderate sillage and longevity.

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