Reviews of Sharp by Andrea Maack

The opening of Sharp boasts the same pleasant and peculiar mood of Silk, an intriguing floral blend with green notes and orange blossoms, with a "vegetable" aftertaste, on a luminous and austere amber accord, delicate white musks, in a rarefied, clean, meditative and transparent ambiance – but not anonym or mute, rather lively and "alive", with the elusive white vitality of flowers. The notes are thin, gentle and minimalist, but still dense and smartly, perfectly shaped. Same slight "sugar" base as in Silk, not creamy and not milky, rather a realistic sugar dust. I also detect a light and cozy woody accord – the rather generic silkiness of cashmeran. This scent is not unique, but still has its own personality, some notes smell truly new to me, or at least, if they aren't, it smells new to me the way they're "processed" here. The abstract personality is bright and fascinating, you can "smell" there has been an actual smart work behind this. The sugar note eventually tends towards a "roasted" resins accord, still remaining dry and subtle. A grey, elegant scent, and a good, fresh example of minimalist perfumery.

17th June 2014
I appreciate a lot the Andrea Maack's silent, minimalistic, abstract and "muffled" olfactory message representing a really distinguished temperamental trait for the brand itself. Sharp narrates exactly (yet in a somewhat minimalistic way) what means "weird fragrance", namely an un-usual creative aroma based on a game of contrasts. Sharp is an orange blossoms aroma in which the main floral element roots its feets over an incredibly "indescribable" olfactory basement which combines several ashey/smokey, mineral, "concrete type", aldehydic and balmy/musky nuances. I detect in particular (after an initial balmy/orangy and slightly aldehydic introduction) a ghostly lingering smokey mineral vaguely earthy/spicy "rupture element" which turns this aroma finally out as a decidedly unique fragrance in the general olfactory panorama, an aroma combining romantic and "metallurgical" nuances all at once. You will figure on mind to see a languid young white lace dress clothed girl walking for the bare streets of a bleak iron/concrete covered periphery.
5th March 2014

A sweet/fuzzy, citrus/musky oddity reminiscent of the synthetically scented erasers collected by primary school kids in the early 80s. Or, to put it more accurately, this is ELDO's Divin'Enfant without the sugary floral aspect.
4th March 2011