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    • almond, amber, leather, balsam, woods, civet

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I do not know whether there are batch variations, but in the absence of samples I blind bought a bottle of this based on the reviews of fellow members. Where else do you get 100% love? Its unconditional acceptance, the secret of relationships. But. Only if its possible to accept.
This is basically marzipan. That's it. A couple of other whiffs circle in and out aaaaalmost making it masculine eg leather and woods but whiffs are fleeting and its a loosing battle. It is marzipan that is the indestructible presence. Phew.
If you like masculine and don't want to smell like an oriental spice box then my two favourites are:
Oakmoss: quintessentially woody masculine
Gringo: Masculine oriental and surprisingly fresh.
Honourable mention goes to: Seawood: the equivalent of Amouage Beach Hut Man.

Fragrance: 6.5/10
Projection: 7.5/20
Longevity: 8/10
28th September 2019
Nothing but love for this one.

Opens with a chewy (read nougat-like [torrone morbido comes to mind]) bitter almond embedded in tonka clotted cream, accented with a hint of crushed fennel seed. The fennel makes the composition smell fresh, but not in the outdoors-y or aquatic sense, but rather freshly prepared and still wonderfully fragrant almond sweets.
As the cherry facet burns off, the bitter almond settles into the tonka and smells more like slivered or crushed culinary almonds, while letting more of the herbal/hay side of the tonka come out. This is when the leather (more suede really) joins the party, dragging a wisp of smoke with it. There's a light touch of vanilla in here, lending a touch of woody sweetness and tropical fruitiness to help tie everything together.
And that's how it stays until it dies out around 8 hours later. Towards the end the civet will show its face, more lightly musky and salty. All throughout it is smooth and eminently well-mannered.
Noble sheikh indeed.
17th February 2018

Of three blind buys I made from La Vie del Profumo, and a handful of their other scents I've sampled, this one is by far the standout masterpiece.

An exceptionally beautiful green woody oriental that has had myself and others swooning near the bottle before one can even get the first spray out.

Exudes class, nobility, and eastern exoticism without going the more familiar spicy route. Not at all a casual scent, nor for "casual" personalities. But easily the signature scent of a powerful masculine presence, yet also applicable to feminine wear with the fresh greenery on display. Ideal for darker complected, oilier body chemistry and temperate weather, and unforgettably distinguished in its overall presentation.

Not a cheap date, as the 32ml is currently 110 euros ($125 USD). But again, not for a budget persona either.

Well done, La Vie del Profumo. This irresistibly gorgeous fragrance is the stuff of greatness, and should be worn as such.

★★★★ (out of ★★★★).
17th September 2015
'Sharif' is an aspirational composition that attempts to capture the the spirit of nobility in its refined approach to crafting what I feel to be a private, almost bespoke fragrance. It feels luxurious yet without any of the customary ostentations, deftly weaving together natural essences that at one point or another comes across as herbal-spicy-floral-leathery, warm-resinous-ambery, even chypre-like mossy.

What I admire most about Sharif is its well-articulated sense of refinement, its quiet confidence and almost retro-traditional masculine appeal. For the strong and silent types out there, don't miss out on this hidden gem of a scent.
27th August 2015
Exotic, licentious, luxurious and vaguely retro. Another favorite of mine among the Dubrana's creations. This perfume is a soft almondy oriental finally extremely discreet and subtle. La Via del Profumo Sharif is indeed a great take on the animalic leather/amber theme which is in this case interpreted in to a luxuriant and somewhat "greedy" way. The almondy spicy balsams do never push the aroma effectively towards the gourmand territories cause talky amber and soft leather keep firmly the aroma rooted over a dry aromatic path. The central accord of anisic almond, vanilla, soft citrus, musk and talky-eliotropic amber tickles senses and palate representing the bright and aristocratic side of the creation. The fragrance opens soon with an inebriant fist of "star dust" which gradually morphs towards a leather animalic trail with a cleverly dosed civet addition (providing roundness and warmth). The balmy almond is prominent throughout providing a sort of naïf imaginary ambience of royal lounges, artisanal sweets, molasses, massive frames, tapestries and valuable crockeries. Probably hints of resins, honey and oakmoss are included in the recipe providing a typical waxy-soapy Victorian undertone well joined by aromatic (somewhat minty) balsams, dry amber and soft floral notes. I detect a sort of soapy rosey undertone ( vaguely conjuring the baby clean/talky skin smell) well combined with silky leather, faint spices (probably cloves), patchouli and balsams. The general atmosphere is intellectual and almost baroque while the balance is decidedly well calibrated. I would choose Sharif as one of my 3-4 absolute favorite from this really worthful italian extremely genuine niche brand. Recommended.
5th September 2014
Sharif opens with a gentle harmony of vetiver and oak moss, mellow and almost slightly oily, with also cloves and nice velvety anise hints, on a dry patchouli-mossy, leathery and resinous base. There is also probably a floral note or accord which however I do not smell clearly, and an increasingly prominent almond note. A delicate and somehow ambiguous scent, played on forest mossy echoes contrasting with sweeter, softer and almost gourmand notes (almond), with resinous nuances carrying their natural-mystical flavour. As minutes pass the almond note emerges more clearly and densely, accompanied by a slightly camphor note of maybe benzoin, and a balsamic note of pine needles. Underneath all this, a river of nuances, from coffee to flowers, perhaps they're real, or perhaps it's just a trick of my imagination "triggered" by the boundless power of natural components. Overall this scent is more delicate but at the same time, more complex than other works by Dubrana, with a quiet, almost "whispered" personality. A really elegant Oriental scent, cozy and meditative, fascinating and elusive, less "raw" and powerful and more silent, mysterious, peaceful. I get these impressions mostly for the unusual structure which goes from breezy Mediterranean notes to Oriental resins and exotic sweet hints of almond, the whole concoction creates a really captivating and as I say, almost "ritual" harmony of nuances and notes. The sillage and the projection are quite close to skin, and the duration a bit short. A fragrance to be discovered!

6th July 2014
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