Shania fragrance notes

  • Head

    • Grapefruit, Mandarin, Nectarine, Red Berries, Star Fruit
  • Heart

    • Prarie Rose, Jasmine, Honeysuckle
  • Base

    • Sandalwood, Musk, White Amber, Patchouli

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Basically a body spray. Very light and pretty. Extremely cheap and worth the price. One of the only perfumes I've ever been complimented on, the others being Shalimar, Knowing, Habanita and Coty Wild Musk...

not that you asked...
3rd August 2011
A "clean" and "fresh" fruity/floral, reasonably natural smelling (for the price). Don't expect to smell much in the way of sandalwood, patchouli, or amber, though. Tommy Girl is much richer and features the strong tea note (and isn't fruity), so I wouldn't compare this to that one. I'm not interested in these kinds of fragrances and haven't sampled many, so that's about all I can say. Sillage and longevity seem to be at least acceptable.
24th October 2009

The drugstore had a tester of this so I spritzed myself! First impression was the box...pomegranite and raspberry were listed along with freesia, wild prairie rose, jasmine, honeysuckle and musk. After about 3 minutes I could only smell fruit punch ~ in a squeaky clean glass! Didn't notice the florals or musk. After about 30 minutes or so the fruitiness died down and I was left with a soft clean floral. Smells just like Tommy Girl! If you like fruity florals or TG this one's not bad for the price! It's just not a scent I personally care to wear.
17th May 2006
Actually, I enjoyed Shania's perfume when I sprayed it on at K-Mart yesterday. Smells very pretty when layered with Caron's Bellodgia EDP. Shania EDT is similar to Lady Stetson with the rose, grapefruit and raspberry notes. Actually I thought the freesia in this was quite well done, as it didn't turn shampooish like most freesia notes. Tho Shania won't become my HG or a staple in my collection, I did enjoy it.
9th May 2006
Like Jasmine, & was pleasantly suprised by this fragrance. I love Chanel Chance, but this reminds me of that at a more reasonable cost with a twist of something different. Could wear this scent day or night! Love it!
11th January 2006