Shanghai Lily 
Tom Ford (2013)

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Shanghai Lily by Tom Ford

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Shanghai Lily is a women's perfume launched in 2013 by Tom Ford

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Reviews of Shanghai Lily by Tom Ford

There are 12 reviews of Shanghai Lily by Tom Ford.

I love this perfume! It's floral, with a creamy vanilla dry-down that is both comforting and alluring.

A very naughty, noteworthy dark-haired woman, a shocker and a head turner. It's brazen display of desire that makes her so endearing. Shanghai Lily A "love it" or "hate it" fragrance, you can not like or dislike it a little. A bold mixture of spices, incense and resins. You will not find flowers or candy in it. You'll find stacks of spices straight from exotic market. An expensive incense-flavored cigar with a hint of sweetness.

It is spicy to say the least, but also alluring, bewitching, provocative and devastatingly beautiful. Strong spicy openiopeni, as it develops, you get this sharp, evident clove note that i find extremely sexual. It dries down to a hot,quietly sensuous scent of incence, wood and resin, that embodies everything we as women want, sexiness, style and bags of class and attitude. It reminds me of some great vintage like Youth Dew. It is the perfect shelter for all the dark nihilism and deathwish you must hide the succesed.

This fragrance is gorgeous.

It is, however, far from unisex. It is definitely a feminine scent. I still wear it though because that's never much mattered to me. I would suggest grabbing a sample to try if that concerns you.

I'm a little bewildered that previous reviewers have stated that this is a skin scent. I think that's folly. I can only imagine that it's a case of nose blindness because Shanghai Lily is strong, lasts for ages and simply radiates off of my skin. A shot to each elbow pit and I am stinking for hours and hours.

I give this bonus points for the name, which I presume, though I've not read anything to confirm, is named after the final number, Shanghai Lil, in the 1933 musical classic, Footlight Parade. One of my favourites!

"I've been looking high and I've been looking low. Looking for my Shanghai Lil..."

Grab a bottle while you can.

Thumbs up.

Sweet, jammy on top. Moves into a spiced mode. Then it shifts into floral gear. Jasmine, tuberose, and lily show me their charms first. Clove is sprinkled over top. A little violet face peers up at me, winking.

The flowers begin to blur together after time. A small amount of bitterness appears. The base notes are honey-like, a light greenness, faint wood, and a tad animalic. The base deepens a bit as it wears on. It resembles a sweet amber. Overall this is a lovely floriental. It has a vanilla-lily thing going on, interspersed with the amberish base. I like this one.

Floral with light spices, it was a little too feminine for me. The ladies, on the other hand will really enjoy this. Just couldn't pull this one off.

Generic floral and spices, longevity and projection are below average.

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