Micallef (2010)

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Reviews of Shanaan by Micallef

There are 2 reviews of Shanaan by Micallef.

Very nice incense scent by Micallef here. I get the cedar note early on, quickly mixing with a nice dominant frankincense note with patchouli in a supporting role. This is a nice versatile scent that I could see working year-round just about in any situation. It stays pretty close to the skin, so if you are looking for a sillage monster, look elsewhere. My only minor gripe is that for an eau de parfum, it has just average longevity on my skin (which tends to be very scent friendly, longevity-wise as a general rule). Still, I can easily recommend Shanaan to incense and cedar lovers; Micallef has another 3.5 star out of 5 winner here.
Oct 21, 2011

Amazingly smoky and authentic incense smell. The opening is bright and crisp with cedar and citrus, but almost immediately settles into a long lasting, awesome frankincense. Maybe there is a touch of vanilla/labdanum rounding things out...incense just so dominant. Top notch ingredients. Do I want to go around smelling like this? Not so sure. I like it nonetheless.
Jul 2, 2011

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