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Guerlain (1925)

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Meaning 'Temple of Love' in Sanskrit, Shalimar is an oriental fragrance with notes of bergamot and vanilla.  Jacques Guerlain was inspired to create Shalimar by the story of Indian Emperor, Shah Jahan, who created a beautiful garden (called Shalimar) to please his queen.

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Reviews of Shalimar Eau de Toilette by Guerlain

There are 5 reviews of Shalimar Eau de Toilette by Guerlain.

The legendary Shalimar always reminds me of "Yield to the Night" (A 1956 british drama film)when Diana Dors works as a sales assistant at a perfume shop,there she meets Michael Craig the man she'll desperately fall in love with.when they first meet,he's looking for a perfume but asks what perfume she is wearing?There are several perfumes on the glass counter, among which Shalimar.

One of the greatest fragrances of all time.It makes me so sad that a great majority of Shalimar's original fragrances have been discontinued.and when shalimar reformulated like another's vintage,they went to mass market, synthetic ingredients.imagine being a sophisticated modern woman of the 1920's,when arte nouveau and high Victorian was still clinging,and art deco was emerging as it's own,distinctly "fresh" style,touching everything in fashion and architecture.

A warm,cozy cashmere blanket of a fragrance.I'm familiar with both Edp& Edt,love them both.warm and slightly spicy with an undercurrent of voluptuous powder.the powdery notes reminds me of Revlon makeup foundation. such an outstanding bargain and perfume.It starts of as a lemon,bergamot blaster,then morphs into several different scents until it settles has a smokey phase,boozy notes, and is has rougher edges.elegant and sexy all at the same time.if you can get your hands on an old bottle it's heart stopping.
Feb 26, 2021

Shalimar is a fragrance that takes some time to understand. Whether it be due to the decades of historical context buried beneath a century long recipe and subtle reforms, something about her smells otherworldly and for lack of a better term “a tale as old as time”. Shalimar smells like it comes out of a different time period. It can be a little abrasive to youngsters fresh off the Marc Jacobs Daisy train and for those with naive noses, downright offensive. But as you age and your perfume tastes evolve, you slowly start to come around to the idea that Shalimar has her place in your perfume wardrobe. Maybe you’ve even tried her so many times that her oppoponax and leather-heavy vanilla whiffs begin to take on a nostalgia of their own as the moments you’ve tried her over and over again are imprinted on the scent and in your memory. She begins to become familiar, welcoming even. This isn’t a fragrance you wear to a job interview, most wouldn’t have the gall to wear her on a first date or as a wedding scent, or to hold a newborn baby, but there are moments where Shalimar has her place. You’ll spray her and wonder how you could’ve ever hated her and wrinkled your nose all those years ago. Nothing else in your wardrobe may smell like her (or maybe you’ve succumbed to a full blown obsession and bought a whole slew of smell alikes inspired by the legend herself) and nothing else could take her place. She’ll stay there the rest of your lives together, she’ll more than likely outlive you. She’s intertwined in the memories and and legacies of countless women before you, and women who will go on after you. I cannot think of a fragrance more deserving of the phrase “Timeless classic” than Shalimar.

The Eau de Toilette rendition is a bit easier on the psyche than Parfum concentrations. It’s a bit of a subtle sensuality, a self-contained confidence that purrs rather than roar. More powdery and less potent on the leather. Think balsamic and less animalic. The vanilla is toned down proportionately as well to lead to a smoother dry down that maintains its integrity. It never becomes too sickening but a slight sweetness is always there. I never get the citrus in these pillar renditions as I’ve been spoiled by the subsequent flankers that focus more on that aspect of Shalimar, but I’m sure they’re beautiful and present for many wearers as an energizing welcome upon first spray.

If you were ever wondering to yourself “What is that one perfume that every avid collector must own?” It’s Shalimar. If you don’t fall in love at first meet, tuck her away and give her sometime. She’s a slow burn but once the fire of understanding is lit for your love, nothing can ever put it out.
Nov 29, 2020

The opening combines a delightful bergamot that is joined by whiffs of opoponax a bit later.

The drydown is dominated by an intense iris that is not really sweet on me; an iris with a powdery touch that is paired with a good jasmine impression; the latter has a slightly greenish-woodsy undertone. This all is overgrown by a rose note that is more a rose leaf impression than focused on the blossom. Later on a tonka leads into the next stage.

The base starts with whiffs of a soft and gentle incense, which is joined by a nice aroma of vanilla beans. This is a vanilla that has a touch of a suede-like smoothness, is not excessively sweet, never intrusive and that is incorporated into the whole mix very skillfully. Together with the now slightly balsamic incense this lingers for a while until it fades gracefully.

I get moderate sillage, excellent projection and ten hours of longevity on my skin.

This is a delightful scent for spring evening, which is blended beautifully of high-quality ingredients. In comparison with the perfume, released about the same time, the EdT is less complex, but, surprisingly, it is lasting a tad longer on me. 3.75/5

Jan 24, 2020

I've owned EDP, pure perfume extrait, eau de cologne (in the round watch, medallion / watch-looking bottle) and now edt. The only difference I've found with this formula is it seems to last a bit longer on my skin, than the edp. Parfum of course, lasts much longer. The edt seems a bit "thinner". Other than that, it's the same to my nose. Perhaps a touch more vanilla and balsamic "flavor" here. In my opinion, Any version, is worth having, if you're a Shalimar fan...
Jun 2, 2019

I admit, I'm a Highland whisky kinda gal. I like my Edradour, Dalmore, and GlenDronach whisky. I don't like peat and I don't like smoke in my drink, but I often make exceptions for whisky's like Bunnahabhain, which has just the slightest ever tinge of smoke.

The same can be said for the EdT version of Shalimar - there is a slight ting of smokiness or burnt wood in the EdT which doesn't present itself at all in the perfume version. I can also see why the EdT version doesn't get as much love as the slightly burnt notes can turn some people off.

It's still lovely none the less, but not the best in this range. I'd recommend you seek out Shalimar Ode à la Vanille : Sur la Route du Mexique if you can.
Aug 6, 2018

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