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Guerlain (1925)

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Shalimar Eau de Parfum by Guerlain

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Meaning 'Temple of Love' in Sanskrit, Shalimar is an oriental fragrance with notes of bergamot and vanilla.  Jacques Guerlain was inspired to create Shalimar by the story of Indian Emperor, Shah Jahan, who created a beautiful garden (called Shalimar) to please his queen.

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Reviews of Shalimar Eau de Parfum by Guerlain

There are 234 reviews of Shalimar Eau de Parfum by Guerlain.

This is based on my early 2000s bottle with the curved arch based bottle. I have not smelled the newer reformulations so I can't speak about the changes.

This may across dated to some people, but if you're able to get pass the opening, the drydown is a beautiful leathery vanilla with a touch of animalic qualities. The best way I can describe this scent is a nag champa incense with a deeper vanilla note laced with some citruses. Don't be turned off by the word animalic. It's not overly fecal or anything disgusting. If you're looking for a contemporary vanilla, go with Diptyque's Eau Duelle or Guerlain's SDV, but if you're 30+, I think you can pull this off.

Unisex but leaning slightly feminine. Performance is pretty solid and it lasts quite a long time on my clothing. Be careful, this may stain white clothing. If you love the smell of Nag Champa, I think you will enjoy this one. It may take some time to appreciate this scent, but I believe there's a reason why this fragrance has been around for a long time. Unfortunately, I don't wear this as often, but when I do, I enjoy the richness of the musky vanilla and its clash with citrus notes.

Really, what can I say that hasn't already been said? When speaking of one of the all time greats, one is compelled to just honor it.

I have a current formulation and it blows away just about any other newer oriental release. It has stood the test of time and remains intact, near immaculate. I thank seasoned Guerlainophiles for encouraging me to go with a new bottle so that I can experience the freshest top notes, the bergamot and citrus sparkle. Also, the civet note in this is incredibly real-smelling, having worked with civet in dilution and knowing its presence and energy. The opoponax, vanilla, and incense is olfactory paradise.

In 2020, it is unisex, it is very now just as it was in 1925.. It is the legendary Shalamar EDP.

One reviewer described their experience with Shalimar as lemon and kitty litter. Several other reviewers opined that the current formulation has been bastardized. In my opinion both sound about right. I also had angry red welts appear in the precise shape of where the spray hit my arm.

Cacophonous opening of a very harsh bergamot with herbal rosemary and other notes that carefully evolves into the most transporting, bewitching and seductive oriental scent ever. My favorite part of Shalimar is after the florals where a gorgeous rich, resinous amber rises to mix with the creamy, lemon-tinged vanilla, a hint of vetivered leather underneath -- it is TO DIE FOR! Whenever I wear this, I feel blessed.

Endless accolades have been written about this sublime perfume and with good reason. The legend was well known to me prior to my first trial spray at the Guerlain perfume counter. I'm not going to attempt to add much to the many excellent and detailed descriptions which exist here. Classic, exotic, luxurious, complex and with a lovely, gentle, warm and spicy dry down which lasts for hours afterwards.
The love affair soon established, I now own a bottle of vintage (1960's) perfume and a vintage edc and know that I will always have them in my collection. IMO it's very well worthwhile hunting (and paying extra) for the vintage versions.

Tired of sampling (and scrubbing off) the vicious new reproductions of classic perfumes (bearing little or no resemblance to the original versions), I felt a nostalgia for those I remembered as a child, such as Joy de Patou, Hermès Calèche, Arpège, Givenchy III.

Shalimar has always been marketed as a women's perfume and as such I was not at all comfortable about trying it, but that reluctance soon vanished. I would agree with those who say that Shalimar is an acquired taste, but don't give up, it's really worth persevering with. I find that it's entirely wearable for a man (particularly in the evening). The compliments I receive from both men and women confirm that. Tiny drops suffice. For me, it's not an everyday perfume by any means but worn as an occasional evening treat, it's hard to beat. My advice is to let it settle for a while before going out. In a word, it's heavenly.

10/10 in all respects.

No Thank you.

I'm glad i only got a 30 ml decant.

The only thing i remotely like about it which kinda gives it the benefit of the doubt on my skin is the opoponax note which summoned a little hope during the very "dated" development on my Generation X's skin.

Incense barely peeking in the drydown, just barely and i mean barely.

I was going to give it to my mom but then i reconsidered since this would also smell too dated on her.

"Some things are better left in time....and in time is where they belong"

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