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Sha by Alfred Sung

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Sha is a women's perfume launched in 2003 by Alfred Sung

Reviews of Sha by Alfred Sung

There are 6 reviews of Sha by Alfred Sung.

lovely but hard to find fragrance of lilac and musk. the lasting power on this is quite generous considering the price. very inoffensive and understated. the best and only perfume i wear from mr. sung

I have to agree with Tovah's review. Sha is a light lilac-musk frag. Great for spring and summer. Lasting power is 6 hours, which is good for an EDT. I have not seen it in stores in a while, but got mine on eBay.

I just sampled Sha yesterday and today, thanks to Quarry. It is a lovely, non-heady Lilac. It is more like the scent of Lilac floating on the breeze than Lilac being held in the hand or worn in the hair. It is a distant Lilac, almost a memory of a Lilac bush. It reminds me of my walk home from school in early Spring as a 5th and 6th grader, passing the neighbor's lilac bush. The clean musky base reminds me of Sarah Jessica Parker's Lovely, but without the BO quality I get from Lovely. It lasts for hours, even through a shower, but it is not overpowering, and stays close to the skin.

Not complicated, simple, flowery and nice... Just a shame this one doesn't last long on me. I personally like Shi better, even though I'm a fan of sweet scents. It lasts longer too.

Very, very, pretty, pretty, girlie, girlie lilac that smells like I've just bathed with a triple-milled French soap. Happily though, the fragrance doesn't smell soapy, which usually means icky to my way of thinking/tasting. (Do you understand the distinction--soap good, soapy icky?) The cottony-soft sillage hovers approximately four inches about me. If I put my nose directly on my skin, there is a funky quality, but that's a minor deduction. You might need to reapply Sha every few hours during the day to keep the good times rolling, or it may be the perfect scent to apply at night and ride into dreamland. A lovely mommy or grandma scent and a joyous discovery. If member Musse hadn't sent some Sha to me, I'd probably never have tried it since I had such a sour attitude about Sung's Shi.

Sha is a fresh lilac with a clean musk base that's lovely in hot weather. It's a soft, natural lilac fragrance that has good lasting power, and it's so pretty.

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