Sexy Little Things Noir Tease 
Victoria's Secret (2010)

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Reviews of Sexy Little Things Noir Tease by Victoria's Secret

There are 1 reviews of Sexy Little Things Noir Tease by Victoria's Secret.

Initially, I find this to be a little offputting. There's a bitterness somewhere within the fruity notes that gives me the impression of sweat or body odor (Perhaps because this is 'sexy', it's an intentional decision, reminiscent of pheromones?) I'll try wording it a different way - it's an odor similar to peach schnapps, that vaguely alcoholic tang of peaches. Something about it seems a little... naughty. (Which is fitting.)

The drydown is much sweeter and inviting - fresh florals, sweet vanilla and pears. Definitely pleasant, fruity and feminine. Also quite a 'flirty' scent. Tease? Absolutely! Noir? I'm not so sure. And like most Victoria's Secret fragrances, this one disappears very quickly from my skin. I prefer 'Sexy Little Things Noir' because it's a little truer to its name, and lasts just a bit longer than this one.
Jun 13, 2016

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