Sexy Little Things Noir 
Victoria's Secret (2007)

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Sexy Little Things Noir by Victoria's Secret

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Sexy Little Things Noir is a women's perfume launched in 2007 by Victoria's Secret

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Reviews of Sexy Little Things Noir by Victoria's Secret

There are 3 reviews of Sexy Little Things Noir by Victoria's Secret.

Huge burst of delicious, dripping fruits to start - oh so very juicy. Blackberry and pear stick out most to me, and they're utterly mouth-watering. Once this has time to develop on your skin after a white, its 'noir' qualities start shining through - the sweet vanilla, warm amber, dusky plum... I'm not sure where the powder is, however. It stays quite juicy to me until it starts fading away. Which doesn't take very long, sadly. I've had a problem with Victoria's Secret scents having poor longevity in general.

I picked this up on a whim right before a camping trip in case the smell situation got iffy. Immensely surprised to note that it's sweet with the barest hint of an edge, and actually quite sexy. There's something whimsical and fun about it that appeals to me.

Bought a mini of this to sample. The opening on this is a bit harsh, but after a few minutes it starts to become more mild mannered and starts smelling good. Definitely gets better over time. Fruity without smelling like a fruit salad or being overly sweet, with the florals becoming more prominant as it progresses. With all the notes listed, it's hard to single out indivdual notes. Definitely sexy, but don't know about the noir part - maybe that's what's keeping it from being one of those sickly fruity scents. Not the greatest, but still good none the less.

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