Séxual Sugar Daddy fragrance notes

  • Head

    • Grapefruit, Cinnamon, Fir Balsam
  • Heart

    • Praline, Lavender, Patchouli
  • Base

    • Tobacco, Leather, Sandalwood

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Loses 1 star right off the bat for the stupid name. Sounds like something catering to the over-stimulated adolescent, and it smells like a teenage scent. Like Versace Pour Homme with syrup poured in, it would be a hit with giggling teens.
4th June 2017
A light sensual spicy oriental.Michel Germain has made a name for himself over the years in his native city of Montreal, with his signature series of fragrances named Sexual. His partnership with Victoria's Secret has made his name known in America. Sugar Daddy is a well composed spicy oriental, with nice hues of leather and tobacco. In fact most of the notes in this fragrance are spot on for the composition. A nice cinnamon pops out of the mid-notes, while the tobacco is smokey and subdued. The tag of the perfume claims to have "aphrodisiacs that do the flirting for you". I suspect this would include either a combo of benzoin/styrax and the typically Canadian castoreum? It's animal notes lightly mimic what could be found from CK Obsession. I could see the similarities noted with Lolita Lempicka Au Masculin, because of the intended caramelized pralines effect, but it is much softer and unobtrusive. I also thankfully don't get much of the claimed french lavender, which is a good thing, because I don't like the combination of aromatic lavender and spicy tobacco leaf. Projection is better obviously with the EdT, than the after shave splash, while sillage is moderate at about 4 hours to dry down. This fragrance could easily be considered unisex and also garners compliments for it's "je ne sais quoi" qualities. It's also a scent that is not commonly known, therefore chances are you won't bump into someone coping your style. For it's price tag alone, I would suggest anyone who might be interested in what has been said about this fragrance, to give it a look. It's just once you do come to appreciate the juice, you can never still quite overcome the silliness of the name. Montrealers have known this from Germain from day one, to not judge his fragrances by their cover and his reputation has developed, much like around the world now, for having his own crowd pleasing signature compositions that deserve to be discovered. Pros: Excellent quality/price ratio.Cons: Stupid name that's embarrassing to quote."
10th August 2013

dirty and sexy..great longevity reminds me of dirty english with longer longevity and a smoother edge...sexy and robust!
9th August 2013
I have had this for a while now and wanted to wear it a few times to do a proper review. When I smell Sugar daddy I think of a caramel souffle baking in the oven as the aroma feels the whole house but that's the initial impression as it moves to the mid and base notes think about taking that carmel cake and drizzling old style organic maple syrup on top. As your face gets caught in the aroma steam thats the smell you get from sexual daddy no more no less. Not a bad scent. Projection and longevity are about average. If your into sweet fragrances this has got your name all over it.
10th March 2013
I should give it a thumbs-down for the lame name.
The scent -- fairly sweet, a bit woody. Pleasant, aside from the sweetness. Not heavy, has some spices.
Really, this is a generic "guy" scent -- something from the Avon catalogue.
NO fir balsam that I can deteect.
Not oppressive, not tiresomely synthetic. Meh.
22nd August 2012
Apart from Deauville, I have not enjoyed Michel Germain's fragrances. Couple this with probably the worst name in contemporary designer perfumery and the stage was set for a major failure. Surprisingly, SSD is a nice offering from essentially a bargain house (be patient and they show up at Marshall's at substantial discounts within a year or two of launch). Mercifully for me the tobacco, leather, and patchouli are the dominant notes on my skin with the grapefruit and cinnamon providing a bit of mildly sweet, fruity transparency. The leather, in particular, is an interesting rendition similar to that found in Spanish Leather by Truefitt & Hill or even in Egoiste. All in all, if you can get past the tone-deaf name and packaging this isn't a bad option for a modern masculine.
21st July 2012