Séxual fragrance notes

  • Head

    • japanese osmanthus, italian bergamot, italian clementine
  • Heart

    • egyptian jasmine, asian gardenia, bulgarian red rose
  • Base

    • sri Lankan cinnamon, madagascan vanilla, mediterranean myrrh

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Latest Reviews of Séxual

You can definitely tell this is a Sophia Grojsman creation! From the notes you would expect a sexy everything but this scent is very mellow and creamy it smells like soft sweet spices and freshly sun screened skin.

Very heavy vanilla at the opening, synthetic freesia (that "shiny" note), and a fruity tone. The pyramid above shows apricot, the typed notes list clementine, but it's a weird cross between the two, and definitely synthetic. It reminds me a great deal of Johnson's Baby Shampoo, but sweeter. Séxual spays on slightly oily, and takes a while to begin to dry down. On me, Sexual then transitions to smelling like skin-so-soft by Avon. The sillage on me is pretty hefty- but I'm not sure that's a good thing at this point. Eventually, the cinnamon, sandalwood, and lily show up, bringing a slightly dryer accord, and a little spice. The dry down is nice, warm, cheerful, and sparkly! Always a nice quality in a scent. It does stay quite sweet on me though, which I don't care for, and that slightly soapy tone lingers.

Overall, Séxual is sunny and cheerful, I think if it were worn by someone with the right skin chemistry it would really shine. On me, the dry down is nice, but unremarkable, aside from the sillage.
10th January 2023
subtle this lasts about an hour. very soft and powdery. not worth the price.Pros: comforting scentCons: no longevity
30th June 2013

This isn't the most interesting scent, but nice nonetheless--just a soft, warm rose fragrance that would be beautiful when worn during autumn, maybe layered with an incense fragrance.
1st May 2011
A very round and warm fragrance redolent of flowers and soft spice that also gives an impression of fruit in the top notes. Nice, but don't let the name get your hopes up. A just-short-of-cloying come-hither evening scent. Similar to Ferragamo's Incanto.
21st March 2006