Sex and the Sea Neroli 
Francesca Bianchi (2019)

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Sex and the Sea Neroli by Francesca Bianchi

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Sex and The Sea Neroli presents – as the original version  – a heart of coconut, the saltiness of the sea, the sexy and sweet sweat of a warm skin but this time with a hint of narcotic freshness, which makes the perfume hypnotic and more complex, and its evolution more intriguing.

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Reviews of Sex and the Sea Neroli by Francesca Bianchi

There are 3 reviews of Sex and the Sea Neroli by Francesca Bianchi.

Same as it's predecessor.. With an added note of neroli in opening, which stays for 30 minutes, post that it's pretty much the same as before

She sits,resting against a tree. she holds her side as a thick honey-like substance slowly trickles out.startled,she locks eyes with you but relaxes as if seeing an old friend.amazed,You examine her-you see what looks like fountains of flowers flowing beneath her transparent skin,the honey is her life essence.She offers her hand to you-you hesitate for a moment before touching it, a instant, you are filled with the warmth of a hundred suns-you see everything the universe holds,the dark and the light and everything between. Everything gains perspective and your life makes sense in the endless chaos of can't thank her enough for these revelations.
When you open your eyes,all that's left of her is a radiating gem resting in your palm.You shed a tear as you hold the warm gem will do her kindness justice...for all!

It smells like warm skin freshly showered in juniper soap.super salty,bread-y richness that turns into milky caramel after a couple of hours. such a comforting, satisfying fragrance to spray on after a bath and before getting into clean sheets.
It has a very interesting makeup.the notes in the note pyramid aren't what you'd find in the usual top-mild-base structure.up top you get baked bread with prominent coconut and some neroli in as well-one feels that the listed top and mid notes actually meld with each other.
In about 3-4 hours the gorgeous sandalwood note starts emerging as the main component and taker over completely by the 6-7 hours mark,stretching till the very end.this is a bakery selling coconut bread in a sandalwood forest.imagine a woman in the kitchen,pulling a tray of freshly baked cinnamon buns out of the even,and doesent put the icing on them.

In my opinion this fragrance might say mystique,be exotic and could be an all season perfume.
Sillage is somewhere between soft and moderate and i find it lasts about 8 hours on my skin.

S & S Neroli smells exactly like the hot steamy summertime air that lifts off the skin while sunbathing on the beach. The coconut and honey mid notes definitely position this warm skin tone aroma squarely at the beach and in the hot summer sun. I don't necessarily smell anything about sex, but Sex and the Sea is a fun name for coconutty sun tan oil fun fragrance. It leans slightly feminine to my nose and the neroli is barely noticeable in the background. Also the dry down is pleasant with labdanum, benzoin, ambergris, sandalwood - much more substantial dry down than any suntan oil. I like it. Don't know if its for me, but there is a place in the world for this fragrance. I would rate it 3 of 5 stars.

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