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Serge Lutens (2008)

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Serge Noire by Serge Lutens

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Reviews of Serge Noire by Serge Lutens

Wow, very refined Coca Cola smell. What can I say? I didn't expect this from this house, albeit the fact this is the first fragrance I'm smelling by them. In a way it takes some guts to wear this one, smelling like boiled coca cola.

As time passes, coca cola smell subsides a bit, but not completely, and fragrance starts to smell a bit like a burned paper/wood. It is the strong clove note, which is not listed, but clove it is and it is strong, that actually creates this "distinct" coca cola note I'm feeling.

A fireplace, letters burning in it, also a shattered glass full of cognac...and some clove. That's the best description I can come of at this moment.

Usually Christopher Sheldrake's creations are very rich, dark and complex.
When you see "Noir" name in this fragrance you would expect darkest and the most challenging fragrance created by this amazing artist, but actually it's not!
It's a dark fragrance indeed, but it's not something that you would expect from the name, specially with the knowledge of his creations.
The opening of this fragrance is an exotic mix of smoky, incensy and woody notes mixed with some spices and a little bit of sweetness.
I can clearly smell a woody scent from ebony wood which has a smoky and burned wood like smell and that's because of incense.
There are some spices and you can feel them, but they are a few steps back from that smoky woody smell.
There is a little bit of sweetness but it's in the background.
It's dark and exotic, but it's smooth and inoffensive.
It's like a big demon standing a few steps far from you and you're so scared, but that demon doesn't do any harm to you!
As time goes by the smoky woody smell goes to the background and you can smell stronger sweetness which is almost syrupy but not cloying at all.
Projection is good and longevity is above average, around 5-6 hours on my skin.
A good and solid fragrance, but you can find better ones from the brand. so try to buy them first.

On my skin, this is just... wrong, from the very first sniff. The opening is a really weird and unpleasant smell of, say, burnt soup and melting tires; I detect quite a lot of aromachemicals (like safraleine), a bag of spices with cloves above all, and a warm, oily smell of something like gingerbread, so I assume there's ginger and perhaps some flowers. But the very heart and the most unpleasant of all is a central, quite prominent note, which has an odd, rancid, warm decadent feel halfway between balsamic, spicy and earthy with a strong incense vibe. I'm blind-guessing since I have really no idea of what it may be – but whatever it is, it is not well-executed for me. I only know this smells terribly wrong for the first minutes. Then it slowly gets at least "smell-able", a prominent note which I think is still cloves and other spices but with almost a dry-floral smell (like heliotrope), a nice earthy feel and crisp leafy notes (patchouli), spices again, and some slight waxy violet/orris touch. Quite in a "futuristic" way, though: there is also a massive aldehydated presence, and overall, the blend smells "angular", thin and a bit metallic – like many other recent Lutens. The overall smell, apart from the unbearable opening, is strongly medicinal/balsamic. After a while, say, one hour, it gets more light and more wearable – the smell it the same, just the volume is calmer. If you are into that type of scents then it's worth a try, for me it's surely not worth another one.


I LOVE this drydown. It is a vanilla/cinnamon incense that also has a bit of smokiness. I could smell this drydown forever!

The problem is the opening. As soon as you spray it on, you are hit with a blast of cumin/sweat/fried onions that lasts uncomfortably too long. Just when you think it's time to scrub, the cloves start appearing and, before long, that amazingly beautiful and melancholy incensy drydown appears.

This scent is not for everyone.

Yet another Lutens fatally flawed quasi-masterpiece with an atrocious drydown.The head and heart are utterly sublime. A beautiful warm clove and cinnamon potpourri given the breath of life by a soft white musk. Then after 15 minutes it's all over. As has been described before, it "collapses" in on itself and very soon, all that remains is a dry, dessicated, ashy, anemic film that irritates the throat and is just unpleasant. Fortunately, it's almost impossible to smell unless you're licking it at this stage. Too many of Lutens/Sheldrake's compositions end on a similar disappointing note after a mesmerizing opening. This one stands out because the beauty only lasts for 20 minutes before it turns to dust. There must be a better way to construct these fragrances. 5 stars for the head and heart. Zero for the drydown.

Cinnamon and cedar. Its pretty air freshener smelling as is Daim Blond which I smelled this along with. This smells nice as a scent, but I don't think it would go that well on humans.

The head and middle are brilliant -- delightfully peppery, neither cold nor hot, and slightly bracing (for something that's non-watery). I like this sort of fragrance, more straightforward than coy. But the drydown is pure church incense that's dry as dust. I suppose that's part of the appeal of this fragrance, but I couldn't quite stand smelling like old church.

Yeah, I get the clove cigarette vibe. For too long, though, this just smells like cheap cinnamon incense. I had high hopes for you, SN!

I just got a sample of this. It smells alot like Padparadsha (Satellite) which I own. I did a side by side comparison. Serge Noir has sweeter notes, where as Padparadsha is drier and woodier. It's the sandalwood that puts them so close to each other.Serge Noir is very nice, but you can save alot of money by getting Padparadscha instead.

Smoky, incensed and slightly sweet cedarwoods. Hmm... smells like someone's burning a bottle of Declaration and 2 MAN! Towards the end, it ends up smelling like ash but not like cigarette ash. I like the smell as it's truly unique but I'd never wear it daily, but highly formal times when you want to impress people up close as the sillage and longevity is lacking.

The other reviewers have, note-wise, described it very well. It's predominantly spicy (clove/nutmeg/cinnamon) with a bit of incense and an underpinning of cedar. Thing is, I can't figure out why he needed to do this when he just released Five O'Clock au Gingembre, and especially Rousse; I find Serge Noire to be quite similar to the latter, both in style and substance. It's nowhere near as bad as Tania Sanchez makes it out to be, and fans of spice should love it.

Turin was right. Sheldrake often makes a hell of an oriental, but Serge Noire is indeed an oriental from hell. Scorching, burning, and camphorous ashy incense laced with cinnamon and cloves. Pure evil!

HA!I knew I was not the only one who though about the resemblence; gucci ph and lutens' chene, thanks trebor.. kinna gucci ph or visit by azzaro meets chene, no doubt. Dry, very dry dark funky inky top notes that fades to a mixture of chene dry cedary oakwood concept sweetened with a rich chord of amber and sweet, dark balsams and incense. Ok its maybe much more than just that, but after 30 minutes of application it feels like gucci ph. Perhaps richer and less sweet but still very gucci ph. Anyways..Good, maybe. Great? no so sure. I mean the top notes are truly original in luten's twisted way, but the rest is...well you already know what I think.

This one takes it time before it starts to shine, Serge Noire is all about the drydown.To me at least the top notes are very boring, and for awhile it seems like this one hasn`t got any volume to it.......but the rich and long lasting insence drydown with a dash of cinnamon and gun powder is quite delicious and addictive. Very dry woody, it reminds me of the chinese insence sticks that I have a huge bunch at my home.This isn`t that dramatic fragrance to me though, and for sure not the most interesting or original Lutens creation. Am I the only one who was expecting a bit more??

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