SEPT. 21.1966 fragrance notes

  • Head

    • pink pepper, rhubarb, mat?
  • Heart

    • heliotrope, magnolia
  • Base

    • dahn al oud, frankincense

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Latest Reviews of SEPT. 21.1966

Rundholtz Sept.21.1966 opens with a fresh/liquid dose of floral resins, citrus, herbal elements and fizzy pepper. This introductive phase is particularly crude, spicy, bright and aqueous (on its fresh pepper/rhubarb-sparkling accord plus herbal maté and citrus) despite you can immediately detect hints of almondy mildness, frankincense and woody resins rising up from the back in order to imprint spicy thickness and woody/musky consistency on the whole olfactory affair. In a while the real melancholic soul of this (in its intimate soul and conceptual approach) "eastern european" Berliner juice emerges with its charge of deep resins, sweet spicinnes and woods (a la Marc de la Morandiere Cozmic Oud, Les Liquides Imaginaires Fortis, Carner Barcelona - Cuirs or Acampora Nero), civilized by spicy floral notes, fluidy/hesperidic/peppery elements and subtle almondy heliotrope. The main woody/resinous accord is not particularly original but definitely well calibrated, balanced and finally "intimate". Dry down is intensely woody/spicy (in a nostalgic melancholic way) but finally rounded out by the sweetness of balsams, exotic heliotrope (in its landmark accord with resins and spices) and spices (I suppose nutmeg and cinnamon). A sandalwood heavyweight. Another introspective creation (mirroring out the brand's urban creative assertiveness) which is finally less saturnine (but equally assertive) and avantgard than the darker (and more original) 03. Apr.1968.
3rd February 2021
The opening is some citrus with a strong play-doh smell. Big projection during the entire wearing and longevity is impressive as well. The dry down is dark and dirty oud with incense. Reminds me of Black-Afgano. Maybe even a stronger more intense version of 24 GOLD. Lasts 24 hours.
21st November 2020