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Reviews of Sensual Amber by Bath and Body Works

There are 14 reviews of Sensual Amber by Bath and Body Works.

I first tried Sensual Amber as a now-retired body wash but then discovered the also-discontinued EDT, very much the same scent as the body wash. The fragrance is boastfully fruity, sweet, floral, and softly musky. Very easy to enjoy and love, slightly feminine, but totally works for me.

The note variety is paramount--bergamot, plum, and berries all factor in heavily to foster a sort of fresh-and-fruity long-lasting top, anchored by a dry down of orange flower (and a coupel other subservient florals), sandalwood, musk, praline, and vanilla. Sure, maybe there's patchouli, but it's overall a sweet/woody/vanillic dry down that's accented by the orange flower, more than any other one aspect.

It's a good performer, quite good, I'd say, not great but it feels great for the price and type of fragrance it is, and that I knew the body wash first and had, say, managed expectations of how it would do as a perfume.

It's slightly unrefined, I'd say, feeling incomplete or perhaps not perfectly well-rounded, but that's a minor complaint for a fragrance that's fun, loud in a lot of good ways, and modestly-priced. I obtained the 75ml bottles from an eBay seller for $17.90 each including shipping, really a steal.

7 out of 10
Feb 12, 2019

My girlfriend wears this, I love it. It is positively delightful and amazing. It would be incredibly foolish not to give this a shot, its inexpensive and smells great
Nov 20, 2011

This is not really my style, but it smells nice enough. The great part is that we've discovered that it keeps gnats away.
May 21, 2011

Sensual Amber is my standard, daily scent. It's very warm, to the extent that I feel wherever I spray it radiating heat. This a rich, but simple scent which immediately draws you in. It doesn't stay incredibly well, and ideally should be reapplied at least once during the day to keep it strong. I have received many complements on this scent, and it has made me love amber above all other fragrance notes.
Nov 5, 2009

This is a simple, basically one-note fragrance, but I love it. I don't wear it when I have my Prada, but when I'm going through a financial pinch, Sensual Amber is always what I turn to.It smells rich, and is definitely best when combined with the matching lotion. I receive many compliments, and the scent doesn't disappear to my own nose. It's creamy but distinctive, and I get nothing floral out of it.The EDP is longlasting in comparison to the price, while the EDT spray needs an occasional boost throughout the day. The lotion's scent clings close to the skin and is a perfect base for the EDP to turn into something sexy, and alluring, without being raunchy. I've had boyfriends and their parents alike compliment me when I wear this fragrance.
Sep 24, 2009

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