Jil Sander (2000)

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Reviews of Sensations by Jil Sander

There are 3 reviews of Sensations by Jil Sander.

Lovely Oriental floral, very vanillery, which I guess is the tonka bean. No other notes are obvious, it's very well blended and nothing stands out. Quite sweet and long lasting. Never met anyone that didn't like it!
Mar 14, 2017

At first, I didn't thing anything was sprayed. Overtime, Sensations develops into a fruity oriental that's floraly sweet. Gets stronger towards the heart which is white florals nestles on top of a great base of tonka bean and most certainly amber and some musk. Not a light fresh scent but not an outlandish oriental.
Apr 28, 2010

Jil Sander Sensations is deigned a sheer oriental, more transparent and generally more veil-like than a "regular strength" oriental. That can be deceiving, however, as this fragrance is not as light as it seems. It's very sweet, which I'm guessing comes from the nettle flowers (supposedly a fairly sweet-smelling bloom, though all I know about the nettle in nature is its irritating sting) as well as the amber and "milk and cereal accord" (your guess as is good as mine - this smells about as breakfast-y as a dinner at a four-star restaurant! Though in fairness, the softness of the milk does come through in the drydown). But there is also a sharpness to it, particularly on first application; could that also be from the nettle? I'm not sure. Once that has dissipated, the drydown- with aforementioned milk - is gentle and soothing, ambery woods and balmy musk. Again, though, it's gentle but not necessarily light and airy; despite its designation as a sheer scent, this one lingers on quite well through the day. With that in mind, apply with care, as a spray or two seems to be more than adequate. I have several times exuberantly "overapplied" this fragrance, at least according to others who told me they found it too much. How embarassing. No one likes to be told that, right? So consider yourself cautioned!
Sep 13, 2005

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