Sel Marin 
Heeley (2008)

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Sel Marin by Heeley

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Sel Marin is a shared scent launched in 2008 by Heeley

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Reviews of Sel Marin by Heeley

There are 69 reviews of Sel Marin by Heeley.

What’s that designer guy doing on the beach?
It doesn't make sense.

His crocodile loafers are gonna be ruined...

To me, this is a heady scent of literal seaweed, with that Heeley signature synthetic smell lingering. Instead of happy memories of being by the seaside, the seaweed that this scent reminds me of is slimy and fishy. Not very enjoyable.

The shore after the tide has receded and the blazing hot sun has dried out the flotsam abandoned by the sea; its collective smell carried on the salty breeze: Driftwood, seagrass, kelp, and crustacean carcasses.

Nailed it!

Well it's quite realistic in the salty sea department but I don't like the aquatic accord they went for here. Very atypical.

It is niche smelling like in the way that Xerjoff's Commandante is for example, but it's definitely not in the crowdpleaser aquatic circle. And as a niche aquatic I don't like it either.

Sel Marin suggests things nautical - a sailor's clothes maybe, without having a specifically seaweed note. Very similar to a 1970's men's fragrance called "Offshore" by the Italian firm Victor, which had a pleasant fresh-woody character, with hints of linalool and probably a fair dose of galaxolide or similar. This kind of accord is also to be found in Estee Lauder's Pleasures among other places but it is done particularly well here, and given a definite briny twist.

The declared ingredients are, as usual, largely a waste of space, with non-existent things like beech leaf being quoted. (they may mean birch leaf, which would make more sense, and birch is mentioned on the Heeley site; the fresh green of birch leaf headspace would certainly fit in with this fragrance). Calone is not specified though it may well be present, alongside materials like floralozone. (I am just guessing here).

I class this as one of the best and most interesting interpretations of the maritime theme.

The opening consists of a lovely salty sea breeze with leafy & lemony overtones, & no trace of calone. Unfortunately for me this impression is fleeting, as it quickly descends into a bilge-like accord of dark, bitter greens with a note of iodine. Perhaps this is what gives some reviewers the impression of seaweed. l also distinctly smell vetiver although it's not listed. After around forty minutes the bitterness fades slightly, & later there are hints of woods & sun-warmed skin. Five hours in, it's faded to a mineralic base, just detectable after nine hours.

l'm not a fan of vetiver, so although the opening was enjoyable, that note killed this one for me. lt also leans a little too masculine for my taste, & l prefer my beachy fragrances on the sun-soaked, tropical side. Cold, northern beaches at low tide just don't do it for me.

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