Sel Marin 
Heeley (2008)

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Reviews of Sel Marin by Heeley

There are 63 reviews of Sel Marin by Heeley.

The opening consists of a lovely salty sea breeze with leafy & lemony overtones, & no trace of calone. Unfortunately for me this impression is fleeting, as it quickly descends into a bilge-like accord of dark, bitter greens with a note of iodine. Perhaps this is what gives some reviewers the impression of seaweed. l also distinctly smell vetiver although it's not listed. After around forty minutes the bitterness fades slightly, & later there are hints of woods & sun-warmed skin. Five hours in, it's faded to a mineralic base, just detectable after nine hours.

l'm not a fan of vetiver, so although the opening was enjoyable, that note killed this one for me. lt also leans a little too masculine for my taste, & l prefer my beachy fragrances on the sun-soaked, tropical side. Cold, northern beaches at low tide just don't do it for me.
Nov 17, 2021

Alchymia. Perfumare. Magnum Opus.

A mish-mash extraordinaire, this is unbearable – and unwearable – to me. Generic aquatic vibration with overly sweet synthetic algae, which has started to rot, and sticks to your skin and nose like it means business. I couldn't even make myself to give it a second chance.

I never associate oceanic and marine energies with such a pronounced sweetness. Or musk. And so, my quest for authentic aquatic scent is still ongoing. Salty, sweet-sour, effervescent, crisp, breezy, infinite; with light shades of fig, olive leaf, mint, mastic and pine form the shores.

Maybe – just maybe – if the algae note is drastically reduced; the salt is increased; an elegant touch of grace of the above notes is added; and the plastic musk is completely replaced with a more respectable fixative – this can work. Only it will not be Sel Marin anymore.
Aug 25, 2021

Imagine a overcast,granite filled rocky beach.a bitterly cold rain coming down from the clouds. waves crashing over seaweed covered rocks.this is not aquatic as i have experienced any other aquatic.a fragrance won't smell exactly like the sea,but it will have a character that may evoke that mood or me Sel Marin is a quite melancholic scent in character who walks on the beach.

A little salty,a hint of vegetal notes,a dash of aromatic notes and a faint wood create an aroma that makes your skin smell like you've spent the day on the beach.the very beginning if this fragrance a bit harsh but as it settles down it starts to radiate the marine feeling for the entire day.there is definitely water here.the sea water itself.mist in the air.damp sand.seaweed.fog. rain. a great perfume experience for the beach lover however it has a tropical vibe.
Jun 16, 2021

Lovely Citrus-salty ocean fragrance. An absolute masterpiece of a SKIN SCENT–- Several people have claimed good performance on this one and all I can think is: reformulation??? Because this sucker lasts about a minute before going full on nose against wrist, ghost juice on me.

I love the way it smells. Was hoping for a cheaper, lighter Acqua di Sale... be careful what you wish for: ITS SO LIGHT!!!

I wish I saved the money towards another bottle of the Profvmvm.
Aug 15, 2019

The much celebrated marine fragrance. There is an opening hit of rubbing alcohol that is offputing, but only lasts 10 seconds. Lemon, bergamot. Something sort of minty. The overall impression is that of a salty sea breeze. Salty. A couple hours later it has a salty driftwood aspect to it. There is a leather and vetiver tinge, but they never become very prominent, or make it lean at all heavy. I could wear this. Seemed to get some wafts for a few hours, not heavy, or super noticeable if you don't know what you are smelling. Seems to be a good smell for very hot weather to me. But while the tight projection will be good for high heat, I also want it to last as it will be burning off faster. Longevity is not great on this one. I'd expect more from a premium fragrance. I've got to throw in here, I find the bottle to be fantastic looking. Simple design with a handsome wood cap. Does seem like a fine fragrance, without playing to the crowd and dousing it in calone and Tonka. All things considered, not FBW.
Mar 22, 2019

This is my number one fragrance for high-heat summer when anything even slightly sweet becomes cloying and sickly. I remember respraying on a packed train home in the height of last summer (to hide the fug of a carriage-full of hot sweaty people) and was immediately taken to the end of a jetty surrounded by a salty breeze, sea spray and the faintest twist of citrus-y fresh seaweed. Like a breath of fresh sea air!
Jan 27, 2019

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