Sel de Vétiver 
The Different Company (2007)

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Sel de Vétiver by The Different Company

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Sel de Vétiver is a shared scent launched in 2007 by The Different Company

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Reviews of Sel de Vétiver by The Different Company

There are 63 reviews of Sel de Vétiver by The Different Company.

This is ocean,during a humid day, when it is overcast and storm is headed for the shore.the driftwood on the sand is soaking wet and aromatic,the dune grasess are leaning into the wind.SDV is a great option for someone looking for a vetiver based scent that is not excessively dark and dirty or too clean, green,and soapy.yet,at the same time,it is a little bit of each of these. this is a true vrtiver composition- which will show as the dominant note throughout, vetiver is the absolute focal point.

It's about balance and displaying the glorious root from it's opening of radiant freshness with citruses to accentuating it's saltines with salt in the heart and finally it's woodiness with the final note in the composition,vetiver.the splash of citrusy accord on the top is wonderful not too loud,but crisp and inviting.the vetiver gets a little drier at this point as the salty notes fades away and the famous nutty vibe brings to emerge.the vetiver now has slightly crunchy nutty accord.the dry down is earthy,nutty. perfect for business casual.

Citrus and vetiver is such a basic combo for harsh masculine scents, but Céline Ellena created something so delicate, feminine, and gorgeous with it.

Unpleasant vetiver. I understand this as a think piece: reinvent a perfume convention by highlighting vetiver's mineralic and iodine facets instead of its greens and inherent freshness. But the end result smells like ground-up rocks mixed with the sensation of a mouthful of blood, topped with a milk and cardamom. It works as an art project and as a thought experiment, but not as smell I want to wear.

As much as a want to give this a thumbs down for being unwearable, I have to promote it to a neutral just because of its artistry and the thought put into it. But I still don't like it as an odor.

My first niche purchase, so for that reason it holds a special place. The description is pretty accurate with a salty vetiver and does have some smokiness. There is nothing else out there that I have tried that smells similar. Definitely unique.
I will say I was wearing it one day in an enclosed room. Someone walked in and said, "It smells like paint in here!" Pretty sure they were smelling Sel de Vetiver. :)

Very mediocre. Firstly, has poor performance on me, notably projection, being mostly a skin scent. Longevity is ok at around 4-6 hours, but it's just so weak!

Smells itself is nice, but umm.. I have Lagerfeld Bois de Vetiver, which smells nearly identical, and costs much less. I get a salty vetiver opening, more emphases on a sea breeze/salty nuance than the vetiver. It isn't until about 10 minutes on skin where the grapefruit and salty accord die off til I get a vetiver note, which is a carbon copy of the vetiver in Bois de Vetiver.

There's nothing about smell and quality here than scream niche to me. Maybe mid range designer. Had this been $55 or so a bottle, it would be a thumbs up, but at its price tag now, no way.

Take away the salty acidic grapefruit top note that lasts, oh maybe 10 minutes, and I'm left with Bos de Vetiver. I'll keep my wallet full and take that one instead, performs much better too!

A disappointment considering the positive reviews.
To me it is a mild version of CdG Hinoki. A mild sour dentist mouthwash. Sounds worse than it is. It's actually pleasant enough but not worth buying in any amount. My wife hates it. At least Hinoki is more playful although it garnered the most looks in a tube train I have ever had and I am not sure whether is was because they liked it. Maybe an olfactory surprise that they had to make their minds up about. That's ok, but this SdV is not even playful. It won't stimulate any thought or conversation. Hence neutral.

Fragrance: 6.10
Projection: 7/10
Longevity: 7/10

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