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Reviews of Sedley by Parfums de Marly

There are 5 reviews of Sedley by Parfums de Marly.

An aromatic masculine scent with spearmint and citrus top notes. The spearmint stands out and lasts beyond the citrus through the heart of the fragrance. A herbaceous geranium and lavender give Sedley a retro feel that hints at barbershop but never completely gets there. A dry wood and soft leather base round out the main accord. I get a generous dose of ambroxan, but not offensively. Nothing groundbreaking, yet quite well done and lively enough to be noticed. Very office safe and a good work day fragrance that has versatility. Thumbs up.

Updated aftershave

It smells like a 90s aftershave. Which I actually quite like. It almost has a sort of Gucci Envy mint thing going on. It covers the same territory as Viking by Creed, but does so in a bit more of an aromatic way to me. Updated retro 90s scent that is unmistakably masculine. This is a pretty good offering by PdM, much better than the average of theirs. Its not grating, or obnoxious. Fairly well behaved, it doesn't shout. I got fair longevity. After a full work day I could smell it under my shirt, but it was not something thats presence could really be felt with movement or anything. I'd say it was so withdrawn that if you were not searching it out it would not be there after 4 hoursish. Its nice. Thumbs up for the fragrance. You can decide for yourself whether Parfums de Marly is something that you would be willing to spend your money on, that is not for me to judge.

I'm either imagining things, or Parfums de Marly is actually making a serious go out of being a niche house almost a decade into its existence. Now I'm not saying it's being a good niche house, but at very least it seems to be trying its hand as of 2018 onward at offering something to the Western market you can't readily get in the mainstream, not counting the mostly Middle East-exclusive oud blends (and we are really kidding ourselves when we say that the concept of oud isn't mainstream). Sedley (2019) is one of two new masculine releases I have seen in major department stores handling the Parfums de Marly brand, with the other one being the peppery-dry Kalan (2019). Sedley isn't exactly groundbreaking, but shows the first sparks of trying to do something that isn't a designer redress amped to 11 since the early days of scents like Lipizzan (2010), Ispazon (2010), and Godolphin (2010), all of which earned the house the niche credibility it has woefully milked through releases like Pegasus (2011), Herod (2012), Byerley (2014), Galloway (2014), and Layton (2016). All told, this is a fresh sort of fragrance, but has a really nice and complex sort of development, on a base that isn't irritatingly over-amplified with aromachems (even if they are still the mainstay of the PdM formulae).

The opening of bergamot, mandarin, grapefruit, lemon, and mint really sort of draws me into some mid to late-2000's fragrances like Cartier Roadster (2008) with its smoothness, and even wisps of Versace Eros (2012), but designer comparisons end there as a host of really robust barbershop herbs and florals enter the equation, conjuring images of more recent Penhaligon's masculine scents but with more heft than anything that house has released outside its oud lines. A rich rosemary and geranium heart note is smoothed by lavender, juniper, and heated up with olibanum, until a thick but moderated semi-oriental base appears. The slow fade from fresh and sweet minty citrus to shave foam then creamy woods is an interesting olfactive jawbreaker of sorts, with layers of increasing intensity until a polysantal/cashmeran foundation appears, cooked up with ambrox super and seasoned with the green robustness of a vetiver/patchouli pair. It's not master perfumery, but Sedley is really competent and not cloying, plus distinctive unlike a lot of stuff you could be buying in the places it's sold. This jack of all trades vibe works in the office, club, or cooler casual days for me, with endless longevity combined with more considerate sillage than normal for the house. This won't blow off anyone's socks, but it does smell better up close than from afar, which is part of the charm.

Parfums de Marly has come full-circle with this one, although I won't say they've redeemed themselves just yet, because it only takes another wave of releases to place them back in the doldrums of "upscale designer knockoff" where they've been since the mid 2010's. Sedley is at least a good step in the right direction alongside the more-controversial Kalan, giving fans of the house a taste of something they haven't had since the beginning, and some doubters of the brand (like me) a few new things to consider. I still wouldn't plunk $300 down for this, but if Sedley showed up somewhere on clearance, I'd be tempted as this scent could fill a particular hole in my olfactive arsenal. This is just a nice and surprisingly "complete" masculine perfume full of layers, transitions, and a nice fresh start that only hints at its own complexity. I'd put Sedley thoroughly in the realm of designer-adjacent niche, like modern Guerlain masculines and most of the Lalique line, but that isn't a bad thing. If you like citrus, smooth mint, and traditional barbershop elements over a modern oriental base, plus have the cash to blow, this could be a serious option. With that in mind, I give Parfums de Marly Sedley a thumbs up.

A very fresh, semi-spicy, significantly aromatic fragrance deriving a good deal of its character from a bright rosemary note supported by geranium and mint. A touch of citruses up top lend it even more freshness while the base of ambrox gives it a sweet, modern-woody finish. This has the character of fragrances such as Viking and Sauvage--exceptionally modern scents that leave the impression of a classic spicy aftershave composed of mediterranean spices with a clean, masculine appeal. While it doesn't smell like the aforementioned scents it has similar qualities in terms of its structure, density, development, and general character. Sedley is a pleasant, enjoyable fragrance that may suffer from a lack of performance depending on one's standards and expectations. It's certainly one of Parfums de Marly's lighter fragrances. I get about 6 hours of longevity with good projection for the first hour followed by several more hours where it sits closer to the skin. While wafts of it will continue to catch the air throughout its duration, it settles in considerably after the initial hour of application. These qualities make Sedley a nice choice as a daytime fragrance during the warmer months, or an indoor, office type of scent all year around. However, those who demand top-notch performance may be disappointed by Sedley and it's easy-going, soft projection. As of today, Sedley has been released exclusively through Nordstrom, in conjunction with Parfums de Marly. Whether or not it becomes a more widespread, available release and part of PdM's core lineup is yet to be seen. It's very possible however, as scents like Carlisle and Akaster began as Harrods exclusives themselves, and are now available in a variety of locations. While PdM isn't breaking any new ground here, and some may complain about its performance, overall Sedley is an enjoyable, likable fresh aromatic with enough unique character to stand out and feel like its own fragrance. It's definitely the freshest among all Marly releases, feeling a bit more uplifting, crisp and current than Galloway--worth sampling , and for right person, even worthy of a blind buy. Final rating: 8/10

Starts off spicy, peppery and masculine fresh. Something nostalgic in this, giving it a slightly familiar, almost mature feel.

In the air, it's sweeter than smelling it up close on skin. Keeps getting smoother and creamier into the drydown. I might have guessed that this was a designer scent because it's so pleasant. Seems best for casual, warmer weather with its clean and fresh scent.

Performance is just average really. It projects nicely for the first 2-3 hours and then after that, it starts to fade and the skin scent stays around for maybe 5-6 hours that I can tell.

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