Scuderia Ferrari Red fragrance notes

  • Head

    • orange, bergamot, spearmint, verbena, petitgrain, galbanum
  • Heart

    • jasmine, geranium, orris, nutmeg
  • Base

    • cedarwood, sandalwood, moss, vanilla, musk

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It took a few wears to put my finger on it but to me, this is very similar to the scent of Irish Spring body wash.
23rd July 2019
An unusual citric-zesty-green and charmingly 'retro' clean musk from the beginning. It's herbal, radiant, woody, lasting and synthetic in a nice way. This, because it offers true development and separation: The citrus from start to finish, a galbanum white floral mid section, a calm woody musky clean finish with sparkles of cedro rind thrown in. Hours and hours of performance as a skin scent. No masterpiece but a great alternative to many EdT in the much pricier mainstream section of recent days. Well-groomed and, by the way, genderless.
28th February 2016