Scuderia Ferrari Light Essence 
Ferrari (2007)

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Reviews of Scuderia Ferrari Light Essence by Ferrari

There are 2 reviews of Scuderia Ferrari Light Essence by Ferrari.

A very good alternative to Pacific Rock Moss. Nobody talks about it, and nobody knows about it. It came out a decade before PRM did, so it has been overlooked and forgotten.

While it's a very nice scent, it's kind of boring to me. I will give it the thumbs up though, because I feel others would get more use from this fragrance than I do. Although I own a small 1 oz bottle, it gives a very similar vibe to 24 Ice by Scent Story, which is also dubbed as a clone of PRM.

On Fragrantica, there are complaints about longevity with this one, but I personally get fantastic performance, especially for such a transparent scent.

As for those reading this who have no idea what 24 Ice Gold is, or Pacific Rock Moss, I'll dive into this one a little bit.

Light Essence opens up with what smells to me like lotus leaf/flower. What comes to mind is Dunhill Pure and Kenneth Cole Black Bold, that certain sweet creamy floral note. there's an aquatic saltiness behind the lotus, along with some citruses and fruits. I wanna say I get a green apple kind of note, but it's not at all sour or tart, and it's definitely not red apple. The dry down is pretty standard, a light vetiver, some musk, and amber, or vanilla. Fragrances this reminds me of: Dunhill Pure, Pacific Rock Moss, 24 Ice Gold, Kenneth Cole Black Bold, Ferragamo Subtil.

For under $20 for 4.2 oz, it's a no brainer, because it's probably not gonna offend anyone, but I think people may still be curious enough to ask what you're wearing since it is a little intriguing. It's certainly an aquatic to me, where as 24 Ice Gold, and Pacific Rock Moss are more aromatic floral woody musk. The 2 of those have deeper dry downs, while this is more of a straight shot at an aquatic floral.
Feb 10, 2021

A very light offering from Ferrari. Great for spring and summer and I share this with my son (now 11). He enjoys it as well. Citrus start, slightly floral in the mid and light vetiver in the dry down. I wish it lasted longer than 3 hours on skin. For the price you can over spray for sure. Enjoy!
Apr 30, 2020

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