Scuderia Ferrari Light Essence Acqua fragrance notes

  • Head

    • lime, ginger
  • Heart

    • peach blossom, rose, ocean notes
  • Base

    • blond woods, white tea, solar musks, cedarwood

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Latest Reviews of Scuderia Ferrari Light Essence Acqua

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Generic fruit-aqua-citrus with light muskiness.
Kinda appley/peachy. No unique features.
24th May 2018
A light, though well-made version of your standard "blue" aquatic. There's nothing wrong with this one, and to some extent I'd like to give it a thumbs up, but it's pretty generic--hence the neutral rating. Scuderia Light Essence Acqua features all the notes typical of this genre--citrus notes, a synthetic water accord vaguely approximating some kind of ocean atmosphere, dry, unidentifiable woods, and a some soft florals floating around the edges to round it out. And it's all pretty much blended together into one singular, linear blue accord There's not much else to it. On the plus side Essence Acqua is surprisingly pleasant. As long as it's applied reasonably there are no harsh or abrasive chemical smells, and there isn't anything annoying about it. These kind of scents occasionally work for me, as it did today: I never set my alarm and was running late to work about 45 minutes behind my normal schedule. I had to take a really quick shower and grab whatever clothes were available to me, and I had to choose a fragrance for the day. The weather looked nice but I couldn't tell if it was cool or warm outside; I wasn't in a bad mood but I wasn't in a great mood either; and since I put myself together in such a hurry I wasn't really going for any kind of special look or affect. I just wanted something that would smell clean and a little fresh, and to cut through the daily smells carried around by the general public. Without thinking, I grabbed my bottle of Light Essence Acqua and it turned out to be the perfect choice. So as far "dumb reach" scents are concerned, this stuff works--at least in the spring and summer. However, if creativity or distinction are what you're going for, you'll need to look elsewhere. As I mentioned before, I'm sort of tempted to give this a thumbs up. It delivers for what it is and it doesn't pretend to be anything else. Still, its generic makeup can't carry it too far beyond a neutral.
9th June 2017