Scuderia Ferrari Extreme fragrance notes

  • Head

    • bergamot, cardamom, sea accord
  • Heart

    • cedar, nutmeg, geranium
  • Base

    • olive wood, oakmoss, musk

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The opening smells more synthetic than it should – I would say because of the under use of citrus, the inclusion of a cheap cardamom, and the use of a “sea accord.” However, the opening is not totally disgusting. The middle accord doesn't improve things. The cedar is screechy, the geranium is screechy, too, and the nutmeg is too weak to offset the screechiness of the other two notes. The base is ok… most of the sharpness is gone.

Ferrari Extreme is pretty much a typical automobile fragrance: generic and uninspired. And it doesn't last very long… not that anyone suffers for that.
28th July 2016
"Racing the wrong way..."

I never really cared about Ferrari or its fragrances, since I buy and drive Lamborghinis most of the time. But in any case, Ferrari is kind of unique among car makers, isn't it? If any words are to be connected with the name, then passion, performance and status always make it to the list. And a grossly high bank account is what it usually takes to have the privilege of sitting in the driver's seat of one. Agreed? Good...
Then can somebody please tell me why on earth this unholy concoction stamps on every single thing of the above and blows the Ferrari mythos into smithereens, by smelling like the floor of a supermarket, after the 3€ perfume shelf collapsed? However, I have to admit that one has to try very hard to create such a generic and faceless beyond words scent, which, to add insult to injury, also smells as cheap as an Axe spray. But at least Axe is honest and doesn't pretend to be anything different than what it really is.
It's really hard to believe that this crying shame came from the same nose which created or co-created cynosures such as Byzance, Sybaris and Salvador Dali. Unless the guys at Maranello were looking for a quick way to fish in the pockets of the millions who are not as filthy rich as I am, and thus they will never have the chance to buy a Ferrari; so they have to be console themselves by wearing Ferrari fragrances and daydreaming of being members of the Ferrari club, while pretending that they have what it really takes to own and, most importantly, drive a Ferrari. One of the main reasons I don't want to watch a Formula One race, is that I fear I might accidentally sit in the middle of the Ferrari tifosi section in the tiers, with everyone drenched in fragrances launched by their totemic house.
But I'm afraid the truth is that Mr. Morillas probably got the real thing, while we were left with the disgrace that paid for it. I hope he enjoys it, cause I can't...

P.S.: For any ladies who are thinking that I suddenly look very interesting, I have to inform you that my bank account wouldn't suffice for buying even the rear-view mirror of a Lamborghini...
23rd October 2014

A common cedar perfume with bergamot opening and musky/oakmoss base, but what make this perfume to stand in a crowd of similar scents is the intense nutmeg in the heart that lingers during drydown givingthis perfume a very pleasant finish.
I like it, but still is just a common cedar base scent with a bergamot opening, so it doesn't rise to a thumbs up in my book.
5th August 2012
Nothing special here. A drier version of Façonnable Stripe, sharing the bergamot top note, nutmeg middle note, and musk base note. I prefer the Façonnable, although the Ferrari Extreme might work a bit better in cool weather.
2nd October 2011
Zeek is right. This is a mixture of women's cosmetics. Syrupy and it lingers on for many hours, it also repulsed my olfactory sense (sickening).
12th May 2011
Ferrari Extreme has a great smell. I recommend for daily use. All notes are very nice. Fixing an average of 6 hours.
5th October 2009
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