Scuderia Ferrari Black Signature fragrance notes

  • Head

    • grapefruit, green apple, star anise
  • Heart

    • leather, nutmeg, mediterranean freshness accord, cashmere
  • Base

    • musk, cedar, vetiver, amber

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I actually really liked Ferrari Black, the original scent, even with its below average performance, so I decided to try 'Scuderia Signature Black' because of its note breakdown. It opens with a gorgeous mix of citrus, anise and floral notes with a background of leather, which is used as a middle note here. It smells great, for about 5-10 minutes. The next 20 minutes involves the leather note becoming more prominent and a very slight woody base develops. Unfortunately, the lackluster performance kills the scent right here.

Longevity, even with 8-10+ sprays (neck, shoulders, chest, forearms), is about three to four hours, with most of that being a skin scent. It doesn't project past the first 15 minutes, and there is little to no sillage or scent trail. You would have to go super heavy on the trigger (like 10-15 sprays) and spray over clothes to get a half days performance or any projection out of this, which is terrible because if it was stronger, it would be worth three times the price. It really does smell good, but its so light that its almost useless.

I don't know of any situation this works in besides the gym, church, a business meeting or an airplane, as it's performance doesn't allow it to work anywhere else past an hour. It's just too soft and doesn't perform. You couldn't even use it as an air freshener or car freshener, because it has no sillage. If you like wearing skin scents that no one else can smell (including you), you might like this. Otherwise, not recommended.
22nd September 2020
Imagine some overripe fruit sat on a sweaty vinyl car seat on a hot day. Now push your nose into it. Good so far? Proceed to eBay with your tenner and rejoice.
3rd September 2015