Scent No. 17 - Civet Chypre fragrance notes

    • Neroli, Bergamot, Ylang Ylang, Rose, Civet, Oakmoss, Amber, Musk

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Latest Reviews of Scent No. 17 - Civet Chypre

Smells like wild,emotional someone you love in the morning,like unwashed bedsheets that absorbed all the bodily fluids.sweet like your first kiss, animalic and musky just like human skin.i find this a very intriguing chypre perfume,very unisex in should be a little grown up and experienced to wear something like this.a real love is subtly animalistic in a sexy "come closer and nuzzle" way.

The opening:a little bit forward.strong, mildy dirty in a seductive way.then it changes to a powdery floral heart.10-20 min later,here comes the musk,and this is definitely not a white musk,it is an all out musk and then as the minutes passes the smoke slowly evaporate,and let the musk more and more into is a warm amber musk accompanied by the oakmoss which lends it a bit greenness, that together with the patchouli gives it an almost grassy earthy feeling.hours later,the musk get's a more of neroli, and a almost bit sour quality,it is now truly a dirty is totally great.
10th January 2022
This is pretty much exactly as advertised: a bergamot-heavy green chypre over a civet musk base. It's like someone took the top of Diorella and put it over a Shalimar-inspired base.

Does it work? Yes, basically, but probably not for everyone. If you enjoy classic chypres, orientals, and musky Trumper-esque citruses and understand what you're getting yourself into, No 17 will likely charm you. The sweet, mossy poop and all that lemony green bergamot are delightful if you know what to expect. Though, it must be said that a lot of people would probably hate this. That rubbery civet poop smell combining with the musty citrus gives illusions of 60's era toilet cleaners, and there's no denying that the people who hate classic perfumes usually hate them for smelling like this.

So please give this a sniff if you think it's a fit, and avoid if not. But for me, a thumbs up!
16th July 2020