Scent No. 16 - Tomato Leather fragrance notes

    • tomato leaf, clary sage, lindenblossom, leather, black agarwood, benzoin, frankincense, myrrh, tobacco

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Latest Reviews of Scent No. 16 - Tomato Leather

An uncompromising perfume that knows exactly what it is: spring in all it's lively violence, rolling messily in the grass, lambing season, sharp sappy leaves budding out practically overnight. No sweetness, no flowers, no bullshit. The tomato leaf makes a bold and pungent statement right out of the gate, but is firmly anchored on a deep leathery foundation with just a hint of wood to keep things interesting.

In fact, It's one extremely unusual scent indeed! I was thrown for the first hour or so, unable to get a footing on where this baby was heading in it's sharp/furious opening salvo. Then it settles a bit and opens the door to a little leather and tobacco, which sands off some of the angularity and buffs down the noise levels. With those faders pulled back a little, Scent No. 16 Tomato Leather becomes a real gem! All the grass, tomato leaves last throughout, and a touch of lime tempered by an incense like base makes this a unique head turner indeed!
7th May 2023
Tomato Leather opens with tomato leaf green tartness and finishes with a very dry powdery and leafy leather accord. The tension and story line of this fragrance is all about how to bridge the gap from tart green tomato leaf to dry dusty leather. It sort of works as the leather remains with some dry tobacco leaf support and the green tartness also stays around too. You end up with Tomato Leather. I am reminded of Neil Morris Leather Garden and Memo Irish Leather as two very green leather scents that also struggle to bridge this gap of green plants and aged leather. This gets a begrudging thumbs up from me as it almost doesn't work, but ultimately it is what it is, and THAT is interesting.
22nd March 2017

Cognoscenti 16 is the epitome of sexiness! Picture yourself sitting on the back of a Harley....the smell of his black leather jacket along with some tobacco from his hair blowing into the wind...inhaling!! you take it all in.If you are a big fan of leather,try this,you won't regret it!! Gorgeous and unisex!
13th March 2013
Well, this one is definitely interesting. If you can, imagine M7 with its smoky rubbery oud, but with all that sweet cherry cough syrup taken out and replaced with leafy greens. Then, drench everything in gasoline and spray paint and anything else you can imagine that has fumes that can get you high.

It's like rubbery tires and burnt piney leather with that dark green tomato leaf smell on top, but with silage fumes that smell narcotic and toxic, but in a good way (remember the original Fahrenheit?). Honestly, this isn't going to be for everyone. If you enjoy lines like Nasomato or the really dark Byredos like M/Mink, you'll probably enjoy Tomato Leather, but if you're just looking for a normal leather scent or something that smells like a regular mall cologne, this will probably send you screaming.
10th November 2012