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Costume National (2002)

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Reviews of Scent Intense by Costume National

I'll probably give this one just about a thumbs up.

Scent Intense gets a fair bit of hype in the fragrance community. I really can't see why. Firstly, the fragrance is very synthetic. Secondly, I find it rather quiet. It stays on the skin for a decent period of time but It's really nothing more than a skin scent. Thirdly, It's really quite unremarkable. I was expecting to be blown away but found it quite safe.

Overall the scent is pleasant but I suppose my expectations had been raised and they were not met!!

May 16, 2019

Bitter, herbal tea and a berry-like note in the top mixed with a dense, sweet amber. As it dries down, a hint of candle smoke or incense starts to appear. The clean amber base keeps making brief appearances after you thought it was gone into the 8-9 hour mark. It’s very light and clean on me but doesn’t seem to project much.
Feb 15, 2019

Good for a casual atmosphere. Not thrilled.
Sep 17, 2017

I'm a newcomer to the world of fragrances but I doubt I'll find many perfumes to blow me away quite like this one has.

It's a sumptuous gothic feast, a lavish medieval banquet with all the mystery and allure of a dark moody cathedral.

It smells utterly unlike anything else I've smelt. I spray it on very liberally as my skin seems to gobble perfumes down like a hungry beast. After a few short hours I can't smell it anymore, although of course it lingers for weeks on clothing.

Five stars.
Jun 14, 2016

This is a dark, dense, woody amber with very low projection and, for me, very little interest. There are subdued hints of fruit & patchouli for the first half-hour, but after this it fades fast & in very linear fashion, barely there after five hours. I don't detect any floral notes at all.
I expected something much more special or unique here, but I'm sorry to say I simply found it dull.
Jul 7, 2015


SCENT INTENSE represents the tribute to extreme sensuality glamour and is a more sophisticated,sensual and intense interpration of original intoxicating and carnal essence of an erotic and transgressive woman.the composition brings to mind all the sensuality of an embrace. Passionate, Exciting,Sensual,Irresistible,Unisex, Incredibly Dangerous and Dangerously Sexy.

It opens with accords of tea and hibiscus spicy notes of jasmine, patchouli and a secret ingredient from the heart of the the base is a voluptuous trail of warm amber makes a elixir for the self assured woman who lives with passion and steps up towards her destiny.the dry down reminds me of a classic fragrance.the scent able to encompass both warmth and intensity of the night.great for autumn and winter.


Longevity?Pretty Good on my skin.

May 13, 2015

Absolutely mesmerizing. one of my top five favorites. definitely a man trap of a fragrance. Wear it when you want to turn heads and make a statement. beautiful combo of Amber and what seems to be a smooth, sweet, floral. I prefer to wear it in colder weather.
Nov 23, 2014

Genre: Oriental

After all the hyperbolic praise heaped upon Scent Intense, I was expecting something controversial and exciting. I imagined a work of blazing originality, something so bold and distinctive that I'd either adore it or despise it. Guess what? It's OK in my book, but just OK, and certainly not some sort of olfactory breakthrough.

Scent Intense goes on as a very sweet, fruity amber. The berry note is very bright and clear in contrast to the rich, dark amber, and the two are almost entirely unblended. I find the resulting accord decidedly synthetic and excessively sweet.

The syrupy opening is very persistent, and it's a solid three or four hours before an exotic floral element (hibiscus, I presume,) distinguishes itself. The floral note is soon followed by some incense and a nicely rendered dry wood, but these are not sufficient to balance out the overwhelming sweetness.

The drydown is amber and woods, still quite sweet and a little bit powdery, and not at all unusual. Yes, there's some incense in Scent Intense, but I still see it as a straightforward ambery oriental, and a rather simple one at that. I'm certainly not going to throw away my Musc Ravageur for this.

Jul 2, 2014

This fragrance completely got me. I had the same instant "feeling" I had with Cuiron, both the first time I tried it years ago, and when I bought myself a bottle some weeks ago after years of memories. Same "wow" vibe, which reminds me of the difference between loving a scent being totally blown away by it, and just liking it – that's a healthy reminder thanks to which I regularly sell some fragrances I realise I just "like". I thought of Cuiron also for a sort of slight and broad similarity between the two – same era, same "concept", same synthetic approach. I still think Cuiron was and is probably more daring and more "revolutionary", but Scent Intense comes just a tiny step below. Well however, Scent Intense has basically a perfect balance of two winning features: it's done extremely well, and smells terribly good. That kind of good you keep coming back to smell it and run buying a backup bottle. On my skin it's not that dark, though: it opens with a white-luminous, juicy and fruity accord of tea and hibiscus, which has basically a lively and fruity smell too, with a hint of spices (cloves, perhaps), a subtle balsamic vein, and a cozy, mellow, grey-black synthetic amber-woody base (I guess cashmeran, that sort of restrained velvety aromatic base aroma). After a while it also emerges a slight smoky note, and on the drydown, the salty taste of aldehydes gets a prominent role. The result is a nondescript blend which manages to be just a bit dark, dusty, "black" like if a drop of trisamber was used here, but at the same incredibly bright, dense and tasty, with the translucent aspect provided by aldehydes. Utterly sophisticated as well. I must admit it's quite hard to describe the scent, the best I can think of is a tea-amber bone-structure, slightly powdery, surely fruity-floral, with a palpable dose of aldehydes which gives a metallic-salty feeling. All in quite a unique way, let's say "minimalist-avantgarde", with a brilliant, smart and creative use of synthetics: the amber accord is not a classic, dusty, embracing, warm amber, instead it's a sort of black cube of with an ambery fog inside: that's the visual feeling. The smell is somehow that, but it feels restrained and "encapsulated" in an artificial layout. All the scent is actually a sort of geometrical and rather simple structure of synthetic notes, which however manage to smell simply and *terrifically* good, cozy and pleasant. Which is an ultra rare thing: usually such "avantgarde" scents do smell interesting, challenging, smart, fascinating, but in my opinion, they rarely manage to smell at the same time "good" and cozy in a classic, "popular" meaning (as a scent is supposed to smell, in the end: pleasant). For example, I am also a huge fan of Slumberhouse, but I doubt I'll ever get compliments on the subway for Zahd or Vikt – the are unbelievable scents, but they surely don't smell "good"; while instead, Scent Intense is the perfect "good-smelling" scent which may actually get you lots of compliments from "normal people". We are still lucky this unbelievable gem is still on sale, and for quite a decent price. Also, perfect projection (it's one of those scents you can better smell "in the sillage" than on skin) and long persistence. Surely worth a try! To me it was actually worth the blind buy.

Jun 13, 2014

I can't add anymore to the review by 2nosedtwin.
This 'scent' is the worst I've ever smelt!
A blind buy after reading positive reviews.
Today is my first day of using this fragrance (and last)!
I can't wait to get home to shower this awful scent
Off my skin.
I don't smell amber, no matter how hard I try.
May 20, 2014

Costume National - Scent Intense
This is clearly a perfume with a schizophrenic personality disorder - it can’t make up its mind on who to behave. It somehow smells like a CdC2, Terre d'Hermes and an Aqua di Gio-on steroids with a touch of Allure p.h, all-in-one, switching from the one to the other, and trying to connect it all with a sort off raw, sweaty-oily cotton tone that fails to bring this perfume home in its vanillin-based dry-out.
It smells like the end of a road to the beach, meeting the sand of the dunes, on a hot day - where a salty, green seaweedy-breeze meets the smell of congested garbage-bins full off plastic, ice-cream paperwraps, empty soda-cans, half-rotten fruit of apples/oranges and French fries with mayonnaise; for me Scent Intense smells like sticking your head in such a garbage-bin. I bet you attract a lot of wasps when you wear this one - they are probably the only living creatures on this planet who like it... Good job.
May 17, 2014

Strange scent..Starts off an earthy overload of patchouli with slight hints of jasmine..
Projection and longevity are great.. Almost a darkness appears after an hour or so and then a mild musky amber.. Patch is still their but not as overwhelming.. Very unique even though it's a toughie to wear..
Feb 5, 2014

I still can't figure out which way to go on this one. I really wasn't expecting this to smell like it did based on the reviews i saw. I blind bought it a long time ago.

It smelled almost identical in most ways to Versace Man. Which happens to be one of my favorites in the designer category.

However, the opening has much more of a boozy blast. And then calms down into jasmine ambery vibe.

I can't get into it as much as Versace Man. Versace just has some more components that make it a little more complex and interesting. Versace also has a nice tobacco note that takes away a bit of the sometimes cloying sweetness in the composition of Scent Intense.

Scent Intense is an EDP, so the projection isn't great. Versace Man has excellent projection.

Scent Intense has pretty decent longevity, around 8 hours or so. But compared to Versace Man, which is actually better in that department, and is an EDT!

Overall, if you like the overall idea or direction of this type scent, you'd be doing yourself a disservice to choose Scent Intense over Versace Man. VM smells almost the same, is more interesting, long lasting and will get its scent into the noses of more people around you. AND its cheaper!
Mar 10, 2013

great juice, a real journey to the end of the night!
Sep 24, 2012

I tested Scent Intense only minutes after I tested Scent Sheer, and I must say the differences are quite obvious.

Scent Intense, is not only an intensified version, but an entirely different composition altogether. I immediately detected the patchouli in the opening which had a rather dusty and leathery feel to it.

Beneath the strong, almost masculine notes, a sweet, milky jasmine note rises from the darkness bringing with it an interesting coziness.

Although bold and dark, Scent Intense does have a rather feminine smoothness. Some are saying it smells a bit like incense and I somewhat agree. However I think it smells like an inclosed space with the scent of stale incense rather than the burning, smokey kind or the incense stick itself.

Despite its rather gothic approach, I find this fragrance elegant, feminine and sophisticated. Perhaps even at times a little clean and powdery. While the patchouli and amber tend to dominate this fragrance, there is also a tar-like note blended with a 'raisin-y' tobacco note that only adds to the intrigue and the warmth.

The sillage and lasting strength are highly commendable, however I wouldn't expect anything less. It seems to be that Scent Intense is quite a popular buy on the niche market which pleases me greatly. This fragrance is kind of geared towards women that want to smell a little bit different, steering clear of smelling like a bouquet of flowers or fruit juice.
Apr 4, 2012

Don't listen to anyone else about this scent -- it's one that you have to try yourself. With such few notes to play with, I find it utterly bewitching and always will. The hibiscus, amber and jasmine seem to forge a smell of the most beautiiful sensuous rose you could imagine.
Dec 30, 2010

Falling down the shadows this is a great, great solution. This fragrance is neither the best choice for a gala meeting or a convention nor is precisely specific for a first date with a beautiful creature. It works better in the previous phase, it's due to look for a date, to seize your unknown prey, to scout out a talented mate somewhere in a smoky downtown hellish venue. In order to catch these goals Scent Intense is truly unbeatable. Its unsettling aroma is a ghostly whiff of velvet, suede and smoky amber. Scent Intense, as said, is an avantgarde-luxurious-nocturnal-androgynous-enigmatic-dandy-pop-stylish fragrance which leans on the manly side in my opinion and is in each sense an absolutely irresistible attraction for a multitude of women all over the world. Never received so many compliments wearing a fragrance, I swear about, it overcomes all the others in the "greatest hits" perfumed parade. Scent Intense is a real magnet, a naughty potion wearing which the humble, the shy man becomes immediately a predator. This one is the perfect ultimate fragrance for clubbing in my humble opinion. Velvet underground and dark bacchanalian. Simply in its structure, as many have previously mentioned, Scent Intense is not certainly a masterpiece by the complex olfactory twists and balancements (in spite of its perfect balanced), it's not a mathematic equation of historical perfumery memory. This is nevertheless a worthy scent for its capacity to stimulate the senses, to attract people and not least due to a sort of resinous and dirty testosteronic undertone similar to a smell of arm pit's sweat (not a stinking arm pit, of course), that's because of the implementation of synthetic, ostensibly human-organic, pheromonal cystine in the cult formula. Scent Intense, thank to a "Vogue-fashion" Jasmine flower/hybiscus "acid" combo in the mix, arouses an irresistible wet chic floral aura (vaguely a la Chanel Allure but far far silkier, richer and more temperamental), a touch of glamour that converts this aroma out as a perfect weapon for clubs and battles in the obscure parties against relentless teen agers to tame. This Scent Intense's particular acid-metallic-dissonant floral/spicy undertone conjures me a similar feel projected by another scent which I love: Alexander McQueen Kingdom. It's comfortable and encouraging, very bold, an extraordinary fragrance that could be worn also by a fatal mysterious woman although I see it decidedly more suitable for men under the lens of a paparazzi camera. The jasmine-tea top note provides this ambery fragrance with a fresh crisp touch that understates and balances the otherwise usual, often boring, warm effect of the typical woody ambery concoctions. The "jasmine black tea" top is definitely the secret of Scent Intense; this tea is flavoured by some red berries that enhance the general dark atmosphere of the obscure aroma. In a second phase comes out the turn of a delicate and surreal Hibiscus which links the top with the "burnt-sugary" dry down increasing the general sophistication of the creation. This fruity-floral infusion floats, as a made of paper boat, on a sink of smoky, incensey, soapy leathery (silky suede more than leather) and woody amber (burnt sugar and dried fruits) in which the dark patchouli pushes endly the button over the masculine side like a sort of counterpart to jasmine and hibiscus. Finally, after many hours, the suede touch smells more than vaguely like a sort of expensive furry aroma. A pity for all (actually just a couple or few more) those "following reviewers" that didn't have the patience to wait the aroma's evolution or for those writing about "sugary amber" (Scent Intense is far more) or "wasps attraction" and senseless stuffs like those (actually not only the wasps appreciate this great fragrance engineered by that genius of the sadly departed Laurent Bruyere). Very good longevity and powerful projection for this cult classic scent, truly unrenounciable by all the predators of Madame Night.
Mar 30, 2010

Intensely sweet, quite sugary. Very floral, with hints of smoke. A clean bright amber base. I don’t like sweet, super-floral, or amber so that’s all I have to say.
Oct 17, 2009

Sumptuous, exotic, rich -- and about as feminine as a guy can afford to go on the unisex front. But guys, before you put it aside thinking it really doesn't cater to men at all, wait an hour or two for the amazing, dark drydown to take effect; the unisex label is justified after all. And since it is EdP and strong, it's enough to just apply it a couple of hours before going out in the evening (not a day scent!). I've had more than the odd compliment on it. Nothing I'd wear for weeks on end, but it's worth coming back to when the mood calls for something a bit less conventional.
Sep 13, 2009

Pretty pricey for a scent that I don't of my regrets was purchasing this one. Some of the frags in my wardrobe are before my Basenotes discovery and the result of aggressive SAs.

My nose is not yet developed and discerning enough to give a breakdown of the scent, but it doesn't feel masculine enough for my tastes. Maybe part of the problem is I can't identify any particular note to put it into a familiar category.

I keep trying to make it work, but last wearing people told me it smelled like Liz Taylor's White Diamonds and they didn't mean it in a good way. There are some who love it, but give it test wear if it intrigues you.

Aug 9, 2009

Costume National Scent IntenseLaurent Bruyere designed Costume National Scent Intense in 2002, sadly he passed away at the age of 43 in 2008. Many will likely remember him as the co-designer with Dominique Ropion of Thierry Mugler Alien. I will choose to remember him for his line of perfumes made for Costume National of which Scent Intense is my favorite. When I was early on in my perfume discovery phase I was looking for a different kind of amber. Scent Intense was recommended because it was simple and led to a different kind of amber at the end. That advice was spot on. M. Bruyere uses as his inspiration for the entire Scent line that of hibiscus. Growing up in S. Florida we had many hibiscus growing in our yard and neighborhood. I was dubious that the very delicate sweet scent of these flowers could be captured in a scent. In Scent Intense the top is a smoky tea note with a very delicate floral character to it. The note list identifies it as "jasmine tea" but the usual intense sweetness of jasmine is tamped way down in favor of the tea. It is that supression of the sweet which allows the hibiscus note to float free in the heart of this. This is as I remember hibiscus smelling on a humid morning in my yard. Very delicate and yet unmistakably floral in nature. the tea combines beautifully with this and allows the delicacy of the hibiscus a platform to radiate from and shine. The base is a warm amber which is the appropriate soft landing for this scent. There are some woods off in the distance but the base is really all about the amber, on me. Scent Intense is another of these scented haiku which manage to do with four notes what many other scents fail to do with the kitchen sink.
Jun 7, 2009

Costume National's Scent Intense is a mysterious, naughty, dark, haunting, swoon-worthy and surreal brew. It's hard to verbalize but there is definitely a 'something' about this scent.
May 15, 2009

this is a really mediocre scent. and WAY too feminine for a guy to comfortably wear, in my opinion. I got the impression that this was gonna be dark and mysterious-----however all i see in this fragrance is PINK. A floral amber, which doesn't really carry any sort of guts within it---just sort of floats around with no real focus. FAIL.
Jan 2, 2009

Scent Intense binds with its rich tea opening and holds one captive for the whole ride. As it evolves a sweet floral accord presents but never dominates, this is not a cloying fragrance. The dry woody amber surfaces and stays to the end. It is rich and resinous but it isn't a screamer; it speaks strongly but does not need to shout. Other reviewers mention the word "dark", I get that association.So well blended it encapsulates the wearer with an aura of sexy sophistication. That, is what makes this scent unique in my mind and an immediate placing in my top five.The longevity and sillage are good, what a find!
Jan 1, 2009

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