Scent from Above fragrance notes

  • Head

    • mandarin, blackcurrant, pear, peony
  • Heart

    • jasmine, lily of the valley, vanilla orchid
  • Base

    • sandalwood, musks, tonka bean, amber woods, patchouli

Latest Reviews of Scent from Above

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I was skeptical, but we are ardent fans of Dolly Parton, so I bought a tester for my daughter.

This was surprisingly balanced and sophisticated, in a cheap and obvious sort of way, which I think would suit Dolly just fine. Remember when she quipped, "It takes a lot of money to look this cheap"? This perfume captures that perfectly.

At first you'll be hit with a floral, citrus fruitiness, without being disgustingly gourmand. The wood-tempered florals rise as the tops fade a little. The powdery woods are balanced in the drydown with some deeper woods.

This is definitely worth giving a try.
11th November 2021