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Hmmmm. Sweet pipe tobacco, booze, dirty leather. Wait! no leather. It's hot mulled spices, no that's not it. Herbal. Yes, aromatic. Nah. Not herbal, I was wrong. Wood in the base...hint of vanilla or just a trace of tonka? Call it amber. Rum soaked cedar. Hot spices. Musk. Oh yes, amber. I sense some softening.

See, I have no idea what I'm smelling. The surprising thing for me is that I'm so happily continuing to sniff my wrist, waiting for some epiphany of certainty. Eyes closed, I stifle a brief urge to bite.

I'm still nobody's idea of a sensitive or educated nose, but for me, there is trust in these visceral impressions. Thumbs up.
5th October 2018
Of the few Pregoni's recently made available to me for sampling (sadly, none from his initial releases), S&C KMA is my favorite. Fantastic and fiery array of spices with a subtly sweet background. While culinary and medicinal, does not go anywhere near "Tiger Balm" territory, thanks to the florals. Perhaps a very slight leathery touch that is otherwise more prominent in the brother composition to this one (Basenotes KMA). Un-intrusive but long-lasting. As an all-natural composition, I'd rather have this than Derby, but with an initial release of only 16 bottles, I'll have to make judicious use of my sample.
6th June 2017

This, for me,is, Peety with the volume turned down. It is of a mentholated clove and altogether quiet spicing.
It reminds me of the 60's drydown of Old Spice.
It's sophisticated poetry is similar to that of Heeley's Phoenicia.
Contemplative and Calming.
10th March 2016
It is no secret that I am a huge fan of Angelo Orazio Pregoni's perfumery skills. His first limited edition all-natural line in particular set the standard for modern innovation and brilliance. The original releases were at once potent and to some off-putting, but complex, off-the-beaten-path and for the most part absolutely amazing smelling perfume to those that "got" them. To this day, while Pregoni has expanded his lineup considerably, adding in small quantities of synthetics while branching out sometimes into slightly more easily accessible offerings, the original releases represent his best work. The challenge, as one who owns many of these compositions, is they can indeed be polarizing to the public, and while I may love wearing them, at times a bit more of a lighter touch would work wonders for their versatility as long as it didn't sacrifice their brilliant uniqueness in the process... Enter Scent and Chemistry Kiss My Ass (mentioned hereon-out as "S&C KMA").

S&C KMA has all the fingerprints of the best O'driu earlier offerings... It has the trademark culinary herbal mix, the fiery capsicum, the natural smelling cumin-driven spice, the olive-like oily undertone, the dulled florals and spunky vetiver underpinning it all. In short, this is classic O'driu through and through. What it intentionally *doesn't* have is the super-strength and potency of most other O'driu releases, eschewing the projection and density for a much more light and airy but relatively close to the skin nature. Lest anyone believe that Pregoni has just watered down past compositions, while the projection is subdued, longevity does not suffer with a very good 10-12 hours on skin.

S&C KMA is a tough composition to describe to those unfamiliar with Pregoni's early work. It would be all too easy to reference brilliant earlier works like Laltrove 1001 and others, but as few have had the privilege to smell that highly limited edition work it doesn't do much good to the uninitiated. All I can say is that like most of the initial series releases that I would encourage anyone to sniff if they get the chance, S&C KMA is another that really can't be described well in writing, requiring one to get their nose on the composition to sniff for themselves. To those who *are* familiar with Pregoni's early work, you should be well-prepared for what you are in for here, as all the good stuff fans of the original line love is present. The key difference is now you can wear those greats for personal enjoyment anywhere with relative ease. It shouldn't really matter what others think, but when working in close quarters sometimes you have to make accommodations, and with S&C KMA you give nothing up on the longevity or the composition smell at all, only the projection. To me, this is a major step forward for Pregoni in showing he can stay true to his uncompromising roots smell-wise, while showing a deft touch by making the composition much more versatile for daily wear. I'll wrap this up with saying that some of the most recent O'driu releases haven't quite clicked with my tastes like the earlier work did, but with S&C KMA, Pregoni has shown that when he wants to he can whip up true genius, and at least as of the time of this review, S&C KMA is the best new release I have sniffed this year. The bottom line is the $260 per 75ml 16 bottle limited edition S&C KMA is a brilliant return to form by extremely talented Pregoni, earning an "outstanding" 4.5 stars out of 5 rating and a super-strong recommendation, especially to lovers of his earliest work.
27th September 2015